Why You Still Need A Professional Web Designer!


Every day it is becoming easier for small businesses to create a website on their own, without hiring a web designer. This may seem great for that small business owner who simply wants something attractive, that can be posted quickly and easily. Yet it is not so great for the best web designers, who are competing with automation more than ever. Good web design is much more than simply filling out a template, which is what designers must explain to customers who might be thinking of putting up a website themselves.

Self-Publishing Services Threaten the Web Design Market

It has become very easy for small companies to put up a website using one of the many automated web design services available today. By doing this, a business can get an attractive looking site, for a low monthly payment. For many, this is all they are looking for. These publishing platforms offer “one-stop shopping” that alleviates the need for separate hosting, and worrying about basic SEO. They even provide templates  designed to create moods, and give specific impressions.

For the website owner who does not understand the many details of what makes a good, effective website, this may seem exactly what they need. They can upload their own content, photos, and other media, and the website service does the rest. All of this is done for a price that is much lower than paying the cost of a professional design company, with the best web designers.

Website Service Falls Short In Many Ways

As great as these “website-in-a-box” sites may seem for a small business, with an equally small budget, they fall very short of being the website they need for their business to grow. What they get is a site that is on the internet, possibly with some built-in optimization – but not much else. Customization is limited to available templates and the options built into the site creation program, as is functionality. There is no option to edit code for specific needs or purposes, either. Most significantly, these template shop sites leave one major problem for the business that invests in them for months on end – the inability to upgrade them to a custom site should that become necessary, and it usually does!

Essentially, these basic, bare-bones websites might look great to the untrained eye, but they do not work for a business the same way a custom-designed, professional website does. Unfortunately, since this is information that many small businesses don’t know about, it is easy for them to think these simple, template-built websites are actually effective in helping them conduct business.

Business Owner Clients Must Be Educated

Price will always be a main concern for the small business needing to make the decision between hiring the best web designers, and “going it alone” with a homemade, template-built site. Knowing this, designers must take every opportunity to educate clients and potential clients the reasons why these sites do little for their business – certainly not the way a custom-built website, designed for specific functions and goals do. Helping clients understand what an effective website is, and what it can do for them is essential. Examples in the form of successful websites helping a company make money, should also be provided to back that information up.

Price is a huge hurdle for even the best web designers to overcome when a small business compares a few dollars a month, versus the cost of a professionally designed website. With the right client education, and some attractive design and pricing options, any web design company can help a client see the important value and benefit of a professional web design. The most successful companies rely on unique, custom-made websites for a reason, and web designers must help their clients understand why!

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