Lead Generation
In order to generate effective leads, an entire workflow, infrastructure, and marketing campaign must be planned.  Fully understanding both our clients and their target audience allows us to connect marketing to sales.

Strategy & Research

Your Organization
By partnering with our clients, we’re able to put ourselves in your shoes.  We learn about your business, workflow, and internal processes.  This information gives us the insight and mindset to develop a campaign that works for our clients and strengthens your processes.
Your Target Market
In order to generate actual results, we research your target market’s components and segments.  We break down market size and opportunity, target audience traits, competition strategy and movement.

Campaign Medium

We identify the search engine keywords that a target audience actually uses.  We verify apparent results with industry-standard tools.
Community building and audience engagement allow us to effectively broadcast a creative message.  We ensure that the message is native to the medium.
Paid Placement
We place your message on premium venues in order to attract the most qualified leads.  We utilize PPC, media buys, and sponsored placement.
We broadcast your message on a variety of web outlets.  We work with news agencies, broadcast and communication networks, and content sharing hubs to transmit your marketing message.

Tracking & Optimizing

Framework and Funnels
We determine client needs through identifying key areas: workflow, personnel, security, and scalability.  We integrate either open source or custom content management systems and frameworks, depending on project requirements.  We also set up traffic funnels and exits to maximize a user’s desired action.
Measure and Adjust
We track all user interactions and behaviors throughout the sales cycle.  Once we have identified successful mediums and messages, we continually test the results to optimize the lead generation process and maximize the number of leads generated.