Enterprise Marketing Solutions

Work Smarter

Brand and Reputation Management
We build strong brands through consistency and specific message placement.  We actively analyze your brand’s image and appearance on the web through advanced tools that gather content from hundreds of thousands of sources.  We target positive content and messages to build a positive image platform.  Negative content and messages are used as additional opportunities to repair brand and company issues through creative outlets and campaigns.
Workflow Solutions
We integrate technology to simplify the workflow of our clients’ internal process.  We integrate specific hardware and software to make the sales process easier and the sales cycle faster for our clients through organization and directed internal goals.  This enables our clients to stay in contact with their customers, process sales faster, and reduce overhead expenses.


Relationship Mapping
Through industry tools, we capture relationship information about our clients’ competition.  We understand how an executive team at one firm influences the business development decisions and marketing strategies at another firm.  We apply the data we gather to make counter marketing strategies.
Forecasting & Planning
By constantly analyzing data, we can accurately forecast revenue streams based on current and past market events.  Our forecasting models include overall revenue, overhead, and profit margin projections.
Trigger Events
We look at current social, political, and environmental-related events to queue timely marketing strategies.  Use of this method allows us to automatically turn on or off a marketing campaign by predefined event queues and truly engage the end user in important and relevant issues.
Advanced Infrastructure
Depending on the marketing platform, we integrate custom frameworks, fiber optic networks, secure VPN tunnels for interoffice communication, satellite communication feeds, and direct tie-ins to logistics providers to connect the marketing to sales process.

Beyond Normal

Custom Projects
Many of our clients come to us with new ideas and projects that have never been completed or built – we love those!  We analyze all custom projects for viability and success in the open market, business development model, marketing strategy, and stake holder relationships.  We start by analyzing the problem and recommending a solution.  The product’s viability is then tested through simulation tools and the results are analyzed.  With successful results, we devise an implementation strategy and continue through our normal development process.