Why Isn’t Your Website Text Readable?


The most important job for every website is to be seen and deliver information. SEO and website marketing are some of the main ways web designers in College Station Texas people see a site – but that is not the only way to be sure that a website is seen. Clear, readable text is technically even more important than good optimization, since the ability to read and understand content is what increases SEO. For this to happen, web designers must follow a few simple rules regarding text on a website to be sure a user can actually read it.

What is Readable Text?

Before web designers can create a great website, they must know what constitutes readable text. Being readable involves more than visibility, which is often where this idea is lost. Readable means easy to see, easy to digest, and laid out to be read without difficulty. Mistakes in this area would include case with type that is too small, has bad contrast, or contains too many typefaces. The best websites have clean text that makes it easy for a visitor to read and understand the content, rather than leave it without getting the intended message.

How Do You Keep Website Text Readable?

Based on the above, the question remains – what makes the most readable text on a web page? Following are a few main qualities of good, readable text that the experienced College Station web designers will use in web designs to ensure a viewer actually reads the content and is not confused or otherwise turned away:

  • Font Styles – A typeface that is a beautiful, artistic element on a website slows down reading and should be avoided. According to most web designers, body content should be presented in a simple font designed for smooth, fast reading.

  • Type Size – Text that is too small is difficult to read; text that is too large can also be distracting. For most websites, the recommended size of type face is between 12 and 16 points. The web designers recommend adjustable or responsive text that can be read on multiple devices and platforms.

  • Type Spacing – White space plays an important part in the creation of readable content. A good web designer knows that without enough white space, words and lines that are too close together require readers to slow down, which increases the likelihood that they will leave the page.

  • Contrast – Gray may be aesthetically pleasing in some cases; however, most web designers know it is not effective for reading main website content. Stark contrasts, such as black against white or other bold colors against contrasting backgrounds, make reading easiest and are preferred by most viewers according to certain test results.

  • Format – Besides type attributes and white space, expert web designers suggest content formatting helps to improve readability by presenting information in smaller, more easily understood bits. Using bold type and different size headers, underlining, and bulleted lists help a user easily read a selection of text without missing important details.

The most important thing the best web designers in College Station Texas tell us about readability is it directly affects SEO. If a web page is difficult to read, viewers will not stay. A user-friendly website includes text that is informative, yet readable, so that a user can find the information they want!

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