You Need Responsive Web Design To Be Mobile Friendly!


Over the past few years, website design in College Station Texas has advanced significantly, mostly due to the way we all access the Internet. What began as something done only for desktop usage and eventually laptop systems has advanced to the point where over half of all website accessing is done on a wireless mobile device. This has caused web design in Bryan Texas to meet such changes that bypass fixed and variable-width design with responsive web design. For those websites that have not made such changes, the picture is clear: go mobile and embrace responsive web design – or be lost in the ranking pages.

Importance of Responsive Web Design Today

Obtaining the best optimization and resulting good page ranking has always depended on the best web design in College Station Texas. Code, navigation, layout, and many other attributes used by the best web designers in College Station Texas all either help – or hinder – SEO. Responsive web design caters to the need to fit multiple screens, yet provide the best possible user experience, which is a large concern. With lighter, more flexible web code, and websites that act like digital chameleons, responsive web design has become the only way to go. Google began helping this trend a few years ago by gradually updating its algorithms to reward websites that function seamlessly with this newer web design. We are about to see the most important change overall – indexers which actually penalize sites that are not responsive. (See: Pay Attention – Be Mobile Friendly Or Be Penalized On 4/21/15!)

Mobile Design IS Responsive Design

Since mobile device usage has called for the rise of the best web design possible in Bryan Texas for such devices, it only makes sense that current design has been molded for this use to please Google. Responsive web design works for mobile use because it uses cleaner, lighter code that improves user experience. Pages load faster, navigation is easier, and from an optimization standpoint – it does away with the need for two websites, one for desktop and one for mobile. One site does indeed fits all!

While the initial setup requires a website re-design, website maintenance is more efficient, resulting in efficient indexing and good SEO. When indexers are happy and users are happy, Google is happy. With the new algorithm changes expected this month, Google will begin rewarding all that happiness as well.

Qualities of Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Design

Important considerations to make when designing websites in College Station today are for the website to work on any device, mobile or desktop, large or small. A layout that is built to easily adapt for small screens while keeping navigation easily accessible is essential. It is also important to keep in mind how mobile sites are operated with fingers, which means buttons and links must be responsive, changing size or appearance to fit each new usage environment.

Essentially, the best web designers must create websites that are easily functional whether large or small, so images, text, active links, and everything else are all as functional as they need to for the best user experience. Once it is though, users will reword that website with fewer bounce-backs, longer and more frequent visits, and higher conversions no matter what device is used. These are all the things Google is promoting now with its approval of responsive web design for all devices.

So when Google releases its latest and biggest search engine update in April, understand that today’s best web design is responsive because responsive goes mobile. The best web designers in College Station must integrate responsive web design and keep the idea of great, mobile-friendly function at the forefront of any website!

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