Wrap Up Your Web Design With A Wireframe!


Texas_Web_DesignThe way various web page elements are arranged is important: it gives a unique look and determines ease of use. Where to place content and images on each page is answered with a wireframe that is a mock up of how various components will appear on various browsers and platforms. It gives any clients of a Texas web design firm a rough idea of website appearance without having created an actual website that must be changed.


The advantage of having a wireframe for a mock up is so clients of a web design company in Texas will have a visual representation of the appearance of a website without having to know detailed design information. It also allows designers to convey ideas to clients in a more understandable fashion. There is various software to use for a wireframe; however, don’t rule out one of the easiest and most efficient ways to do this – good old pencil and paper. It is readily available whenever a good idea suddenly comes to mind when away from a computer.

Design Approach

So here’s an approach on how to create a web design with wireframe on paper.

  • Beginning – Start with a clean sheet of paper in landscape orientation representing a browser display. Then start positioning the various visual elements such as logo placement, tag line, navigation, etc. Lay out the elements from top to bottom and left to right as this is how most web users naturally view a site.
  • Design Elements – Think of the elements that will be added to a page. For example, with a conventional design, there is always the logo, tag line, navigation menu, body, featured content, search, and footer. Of course, there are other elements that can be substituted depending on desired website function that may need a spot to offer services, testimonials, and call to action.
  • Layout – When essential elements are identified, begin the layout by drawing boxes for each one in some form of a hierarchy. The top most portion of a page is usually occupied by the header that may be a combined logo and tag line so viewers can easily identify a website at first glance. The navigation menu is usually located below the header although it can also be positioned at the left hand side of the page.
  • Balance – The size and the location of boxes that represent each element will depend on their hierarchy. If it is very important and needs to be emphasized, make it bigger. Always be sure that there is balance between all elements so that smaller features are locatable on each page.
  • Online Creation – When a wireframe has been approved by the client, it’s time to create the website online. It may require some presentations and changes; however, it is easier than continual online rejections. Take inspiration from successful websites layouts with a tool called Wirify that allows viewing a website in its wire-framed version to allow being familiar with the success of other layouts.

A wireframe is an important step in the website design process of a website. Like an engineer’s blue print, it helps designers know where to put elements without getting being distracted by the details of color, font, and coding. When a wireframe is well planned, everything else goes together nicely. So jump right into it and wrap up a websie with a great and useful wireframe!

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