WordPress Management

Does not include Domain Name Registration or Renewal.

Not responsible for Backwards Compatibility.

All additional professional services are billed at our current billable rates.

The WordPress Content Management system includes over 20 pre-configured modules for use in modifying content on your web site. If you have a need for a custom module or other functionality for your site including web site promotion, please contact our office by phone or e-mail.

WordPress is an awesome platform, but it needs constant monitoring and updating to remain secure. If you choose not to go with a management package, it will be your responsibility to update WordPress regularly or pay our full hourly fee of $125 per hour to update WordPress for you. Trust us – you don’t want to wake up to a hacked website!

Please be aware of our cancellation and other policies detailed in our Terms of Service at: https://www.webunlimited.com/terms-of-service/