WordPress Web Design – What Are The Essential Factors?


Developed to be an easy-to-use platform for bloggers back in its infancy, WordPress has turned into a total solution for every type of blog or website that web designers build.

It is especially suited for business web design as WordPress allows the inclusion of countless plugins to increase the functionality of any standard web design built on the platform.

WordPress is now the content management system of choice among most designers.

Website owners should still know the essential factors about sites built on the platform so they can be sure to get full value from a WordPress-designed site.

Customizing a Web Design with Themes

WordPress bridges the gap between simple, template-built web designs and total custom design.

The platform allows users to change site themes fairly quickly and easily like a template; however, themes are actually hand-coded uploadable designs for the WordPress CMS that can be edited and modified by web designers as needed.

It provides designers with the backbone of a fully functional site from the start and can then be modified into a custom business web design.

Considering this, it’s still important to partner with a designer who can develop a chosen theme into one with the colors, imagery, features, functions, and branding that are representative of each individual business.

Plugins that give themes far greater and tailored functionality can be added and most professional themes can be extensively modified to where they are completely customized to a company’s needs.

Creating the Best User Menu

A key element of every web design that must be developed correctly to ensure user-friendliness is the navigation menu.

Coding one from scratch is time-consuming, detailed work; WordPress incorporates navigation menus that work with custom themes right in the base platform.

Best of all, it’s very easy to edit and modify navigation menus on WordPress to create one that’s most useful for an individual business web design.

Websites built on WordPress can integrate a number of different navigational features to help site users including standard menus, categories, tags, and other ways of navigating users to specific content.

Inputting Content to WordPress Websites

On a standard website, inputting content requires going into the code, something that only knowledgeable web designers should do.

WordPress is technically a highly customizable blogging platform, so inputting content requires little more than making a post.

Anyone with Admin access to a site on WordPress can simply publish their content using the Post tab in the Admin menu and even assign various specifics to the post, like scheduling, tags, comment capability, and more.

Easy post publishing on a platform that can function as a full-fledged website and a blog at the same time is one of the main reasons why WordPress has become such a favorite for web design.

A Great Choice for any Web Design

Based on these essential yet simple factors about WordPress as a content management system and website platform, it’s easy to see why so many web designers prefer it.

It is totally customizable, combines the features of a website and a blog in one place, and is easy to use.

This makes it an ideal platform for building a great business web design!

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