Why SEO Must Be Planned Before Website Design


Houston Search Engine OptimizationGrowing a small business involves taking advantage of the internet to target clients and establishing an online presence to gain credibility. Contacting a website designer to begin work on a website is normally the next step after this realization. Well, this is no longer the case anymore. Before any work is done to create a physical internet location, the first thing that must be considered is SEO or search engine optimization. Below are some of the reasons why Houston search engine optimization must be developed first before any other aspects.

Changing Competitive Landscape

SEO must be a priority because of the changes in the internet competitive atmosphere. It is important to have a good looking website and also be more noticeable among the many other results retrieved by search engines, both of which initially dictate the success of a website. If indexing is difficult, then it will be difficult to get ranked in the search engine results pages.

Houston search engine optimization is an internet marketing strategy that makes a website searchable and ideally, its principles should be the backbone of the design. Keyword research is an element that has a pivotal role in success; high quality keywords determine how many searches will happen each month and how many competing sites exist. It should therefore be the basis for how a website is built and not the other way around.

In a way, building a website is similar to cooking. First a recipe must be selected before gathering all of the ingredients so that the ingredients will be appropriate for the dish and provide an excellent outcome. The problem with building a website prior to coming up with an SEO strategy is that often times when it is built without optimization functionality in place, it becomes difficult if not impossible to implement SEO elements unless major changes are made to the design.

SEO and Design are Separate Aspects

Some web designers may brag about building SEO-friendly websites, when what is being referring to is the use of a site map, URL’s, and title tags – and there’s more to it than just these elements. Most of what is being discussed are the technical aspects of building a website, which in a sense does help make a website SEO friendly; however, this doesn’t mean full optimization has been achieved.

Search engine optimization is a set of strategies involving both onsite optimization and offsite marketing. The reason why SEO has to be developed prior to the design is that there are elements that must be built purposely for SEO. For example, the right keywords have to be embedded in the right places during the building process; construction should allow for convenient content creation. It is important the way traffic is generated, especially during start-up. It has to be designed in a way that maximizes incoming traffic.

Search engine optimization should be a higher priority than the actual design of the website. When competition between websites is intense, it is important to always start on the right foot which can only be achieved by beginning with a proper search engine optimization strategy. Hopefully this article has provided helpful information regarding the difference between SEO and design and how SEO can greatly improve a website’s performance!

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