What’s On The Web Design Horizon For 2015?


The internet is constantly changing – which brings new challenges for web designers in College Station Texas and everywhere else. With the new year ahead, it is time to reflect on the past year in web design trends and look ahead to what the coming months may have in store for the best web design companies in College Station Texas – and how to stay on top. Staying informed about new design trends and web technology that is making a difference is the best way to start the new year with a new plan for success.

Responsive and Flat Design

Web designers agree that perhaps the most important design trend of the past year has been responsive web design. What started out a few years ago as a new rage that web design companies in College Station Texas wondered about, has gradually become a web design essential today. Why? Because it works! The results are in – and responsive websites outperform non-responsive ones, since responsive design has progressed to the point where technology allows one website to go everywhere and do everything.

A major change in how a website looks is also taking place; experienced web designers in College Station Texas and elsewhere have been quickly moving away from Web 2.0 and other types of visual design – opting for what is now being called “flat design.” This makes sense, with the rise of responsive design, that must lighten code and make it more functional with less bulk to work on all devices. Flat design simplifies the aesthetics of a website so it is easy to look at and code, yet still very attractive – with an entirely new, minimalist style that is becoming more preferred.

Color, Images, and Typography

With the growing popularity of flat and responsive web design, successful web design companies in College Station Texas find there is increased attention to color, images, and typography. Websites are now creatively using large, screen-width images with ghost buttons and text in lieu of plain backgrounds as both visual content and design elements. To accommodate such websites, typography is developing responsive features as well.

The subtle design usage of flatter layouts, color, and typography are becoming primary web design elements, doing away with than fancy buttons, video players, and complicated user interfaces. As the internet becomes more portable, expect to see continued favorable use of such elements, replacing design components that clutter and bog down other, more traditional web designs.

Scrolling, Parallax Scrolling, and Web Graphics

The words of wisdom from the best web designers in College Station Texas say that scrolling is winning over pagination for home pages, decreasing the need for an extensive number of pages. Research shows users respond better when they can continue scrolling as opposed to needing important information on one page ‘above the fold.’ Along with standard page scrolling, parallax scrolling designs that move the background slower than the foreground when scrolling are also gaining popularity because they are simple and fun.

Both these elements have become fast-growing trends, as has the creation and use of web-graphic-style illustrations, charts, and other visual elements. All are expected to increase in popularity as more of the best web design companies in College Station Texas search for creative ideas they can implement while staying within the realm of responsive and flat design.

Although most of the growing trends in web design for the coming year have been around for a little while, the most progressive and growing web design companies agree these trends are likely to increase and become more refined. Anyone who is still not committed to the change from traditional to responsive web design has some catching up face. These continually developing ideas, along with newer design elements, have the flexibility and functionality for responsive sites, leaving traditional design taking a back seat!

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