Integrity First

We are honest with our clients, the general public, and ourselves. In these days of corporate and public servant dishonesty, we feel that honesty and integrity is something that the business world is seriously lacking. We have committed our company to this value above all else because without our clients’ complete trust in what we do, the best business relationship cannot be achieved.

We provide monthly time logs to our clients that track tasks from beginning to completion to document  exactly what was done on a website.  We believe that our clients appreciate this ability to see first-hand what is being done on behalf of their website’s development.

Excellence in All That Is Done

In a time of sub-standard products and services, we refuse to provide anything less than our very best effort for every client and their internet needs. We have committed ourselves to achieving such a goal by giving a 110 percent effort.   All of our employees are constantly learning at home on their own time. We work in a very busy and ever-changing industry; in order to stay at the forefront of such rapidly-expanding technology, we must be committed to doing whatever must be done in the best interests of our clients.

Service Before Self

This core value is tied into the prior value of Excellence in All That Is Done; it is accomplished by placing our clients’ and our community’s needs before our own needs. When we go home, we continue working and learning so that we can provide our clients with the best designed and useful websites that we possibly can. It also means in the case of an emergency, we will do what we can even if it is after normal work hours. We’ve been know to put in 24 hours of work on a project over a weekend to better serve our clients.

This also means that we are committed to being active in our community and non-profit organizations. We are very active in non-profit organizations such as:  Rotary International, BEST (Boosting Engineering Science and Technology), local churches, and local Chambers of Commerce. We actively encourage our employees to become involved in the local community because such contributions helps that same community in which we and our local clients live.  It makes a statement as to who we are and what we believe in – our very core values.