What Makes A Website Useful to Visitors?


Designing a website is a demanding task and various aspects must be remembered, including keeping it appealing, informative, SEO-friendly, and user-friendly. It is the job of a Texas website designer to combine all these factors together in an effective and efficient fashion. Unless a visitor is enticed to browse through various web pages, there is a very slim chance of an impact having been made. It is important for any internet presence to be visually appealing as well as useful to a visitor. So what creates such an appealing appearance to visitors? Usability is the primary answer to this question, which includes some of the following important elements.

  • Simple Interface – First and foremost, the interface must be simple yet effective. It is important to be sure throughout the design phase that this aspect is given close attention because a user-friendly interface and clear layout are extremely important. Not all visitors are computer literate, so even a novice needs to understand where to click and how to find relevant information.
  • Useable and Searchable – A website is considered to be useful if it combines usability and searchability. Usability refers to the way that makes it attractive, visually effective, and easy to use. Searchable refers to all included features throughout the various pages and sections which can be chosen and must be laid out in such a way as to be easily found and used by a visitor.
  • Simple Layout – A key problem arises when a layout is found to be too complicated which can cause a visitor to leave rather than waste time wading through a complicated layout. Searchers want to find information quickly and easily. If that does not happen, another website can be found that can fulfill that need. The important parts of any internet location must be established by a Texas website designer, especially anything that is valuable enough to be found on the homepage in order to establish a strategic position that can be seen right away. When a searcher lands on that page, it will immediately display pertinent information relating to searched-for terms.
  • Well Organized Categories – This aspect is extremely important if a website is going to be used as a virtual store. Products should be categorized in such a way so that search parameters are clearly evident, making it possible to find a product quickly and effortlessly. Categories should be simple and clear to understand so that a visitor can find anything easily with a minimal amount of clicks and transfers.
  • Quality Review – User testing is an important part of the design phase as it provides insight on what users want and need – and how well that need is fulfilled. By taking comments and reviews into account, a designer can improve a website and make any necessary adjustments and changes. It is also a good idea to look at any competitors’ sites as well. Testing, field studies, and prototyping need to be included in this phase in order to achieve a final design that will be usable and useful to visitors.

All of the above aspects need to be considered as part of a well-designed website. An experienced Texas website designer can provide all of this to customers and alleviate any concerns of useability. Trust in a professional designer who knows what is needed to make any internet business presence useful to its visitors!

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  1. Some visitors have told me that my site is outdated and hard to navigate. Should I have a designer look over it and redo it to be cleaner and simpler?

    • If your visitors are telling you your site is hard to navigate it’s probably a good idea to update it and make the navigation a little easier.

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