What is CRO and How Does it Connect With SEO?


Over the past few years, there has arisen what appears to be a choice for marketing a business website between Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO); however, both strategies offer great marketing benefits. The HousHouston Search Engine Optimizationton search engine optimization camp uses this method as a marketing tool to achieve higher rankings on the search engine results pages to attract more visitors. On the other hand, CRO devotees believe this method accomplishes the same goal while using certain techniques to increase or maximize conversions. Following is some important information about both marketing methods.

CRO Definition

Conversion Rate Optimization can be defined in three dimensions.

  • Designers – Uses this method to optimize a client’s website with a main goal to maximize conversions.
  • Business Owners – Consider this as part of an online marketing strategy.
  • Visitors – Causes visitors to buy a product or service and/or promote an internet page to others.

The ultimate goal of SRO is to provide an intensified method of optimization that maximizes a return on investment that increases profitability. When a website does not generate the amount of conversions comparable to the amount of incoming traffic, a designer should focus on the four key components of a page – web presence, search engine optimization, traffic generation and transactions or conversion rate.

SEO Relationship

SEO and CRO have three things in common: visitors, traffic generation, and results. In terms of visitors, SEO uses creative ways to find visitors, while CRO provides a great site experience. Both attract quality, targeted visitors and improve online marketing strategies for better results. There are other similar goals as well such as to rank high on search engine results pages (SERP) and to provide quality landing pages where visitors arrive after clicking on a link from the SERPs. Lastly, both claim to utilize keywords to achieve desired results.

SEO Focus

High SERP ranking is the primary focus of Houston search engine optimization to bring a large volume of traffic to a landing page equipped with relevant content to intensify the user experience of most visitors. It should also contain pertinent information and proper keyword usage aimed at a targeted audience.


There are certain elements of CRO that can be adapted to further enhance optimization, including: persuasive site aspects; user behavior; and visitor empathy. There can actually be a collaboration between these two methods by using search engine optimization to attract traffic or visitors and then adopting the elements that CRO has to offer to provide searchers with a good experience and conversion to customers.

A good Houston search engine optimization company can employ essential elements of both SEO and CRO to create a website that will give an extraordinary company presence to internet viewers!

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