What Goes Into Website Design Pricing?


There are three major website design pricing schemes used by designers to price their work. You may choose between charges per page, per hour, or per project depending on your agreement with the web designer. Having various website design pricing options means there’s a good chance of designing a website to fit within your budget.

In this article, we will examine the common pricing method used by web designers to charge for their design and see how each pricing option can affect the outcome of the website design.

Per Page Charging

Some web designers prefer their website design pricing to be by the page. This is the customary method used by freelance web designers. This is primarily because some web pages are more difficult to create than others.

As an example, let’s look at the home page. As compared to other web pages, it contains most of the intricate designs and graphics in order to attract the visitor’s attention. To achieve such results, much effort is put on the planning and layout creation of this main page. As a result, you get charged a higher price for your main page.

The rate for creating the sub pages is less than what you pay for the main page since designers often use templates which simplify the work process and you get to pay a lower price for the design of the sub pages.

A per page payment scheme for website design pricing is a good option for people wanting to create a website on a tight budget and willing to be satisfied with however many web pages they are able to afford.

Per Hour Charging

Web designers may also charge at an hourly rate. Unlike other website design pricing options, this can be a nuisance as you will need to constantly monitor your designer’s work for progress.

Charging by the hour could work if you know the skills of your designer adequately. It would also help for the designer to provide a pretty specific timeline for website completion. This will avoid questionable additional time charges at the end of your project.

Package Deal

A package deal option is the most popular payment method in website design pricing. It is undoubtedly the most convenient payment scheme for website creation these days as usually everything needed to get the site fully functional on the web is already included in the package.

All you have to do is obtain a proposal for your prospective website, provide input/content and on the completion date, you should have a website ready for business.

Most web design companies have a variety of website design pricing packages from which to choose. People on a tight budget can go for affordable packages that usually cost no more than $500. Economical website design pricing schemes often come with template designs plus a few hours of customization. If you want a one-of-a-kind website that’s totally exclusive to your website, you can always opt for one of the pricier custom packages to achieve that individual look.


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  3. A lot of people today would really want a good “web designer” who offers a very reasonable price for his services. The Internet today keeps on getting big and powerful. To own an efficient website is just one way to stay with the competition, don’t you think?

  4. As a designer myself I often find that it works well for both me and my clients if we agree a “project price”. This will be a set fee for the whole site and this means the client knows what they are paying up front with no nasty suprises.

    It does require me to have a good grasp of how long a project is likely to take and the resources that will be needed to deliver it.

    I have never gone down the route of charging per page but I did try per hour pricing in the early days but found it too onerous to log every hour and gave me less freedom in terms of trying different things out and experimenting (I always felt like I was up against the clock).

  5. More than likely, the more complex you can make the html look the more you can ask. However, regardless of the complexity, the location in the SERPs should determine final pricing.

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    Website design pricing increases as economy gets so much shaky. However, the pricing is still depending on the kind of how advanced and unique the web design is.

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