What Elements Can Be Used to Affect SEO Ranking?


Austin_SEOCheat sheets are a great help to students and professionals dealing with a large amount of information. In the same concept, having an SEO cheat sheet could help provide a straight forward view about the important components that affect the online ranking of websites, which include onsite and offsite techniques, both of which work together to boost website popularity. The lists below detail some of the terms that describe important Austin SEO elements important to every website. Use this SEO cheat sheet to learn about available optimization information quickly and easily.

Onsite SEO Techniques

Customary, onsite SEO methods are controlled efforts that concentrate on three primary areas: content, usage of HTML, and basic website architecture.

  • Content – Quality content is achieved by having relevant, fresh and original information that is offered to those searching for specific products, services, or information. Content is also searched for and examined by the search engine spiders, so the important of quality content provided on a regular basis cannot be overemphasized.
  • HTML Usage – Certain things that are done within the HTML coding an help with an Seo in Austin effort. This would include: having a keyword as part of an HTML title tag, keyword placement in an H! Header, and using meta description tags are just a few of the possibilities. All of these help to attract the internet spiders to crawl a website and consider it as an authority on a particular subject.
  • Website Architecture – Using basic website architecture as part of an overall SEO in Austin effort would include: making sure loading speed on every page is an acceptable rate by not using features such as Flash that would slow loading speed; internal links to help the web spiders better find all content; and the use of sitemap to further aid the efforts of the internet crawlers.

Offsite SEO Techniques

Unlike the onsite SEO techniques, those seen as offsite techniques are not aways within a website’s controls. These could include: inbound links, social media, and being a trusted source according to the search engines.

  • Inbound Links – The value of quality inbound links cannot be overemphasized. The days of link farms are part of the past; quality links from trusted websites coming to landing pages are primary SEO goals. Such links will attract internet spiders and help increase page ranking.
  • Social Media – The use of social media to further SEO efforts is receiving a great deal of attention. Social networks are extremely popular and when properly used, can definitely help increase SEO efforts for a website.
  • Trusted Source – Blogging, forums, and reviews to name a few have become ways of establishing an internet presence that adds up to being recognized as a trust authority for a particular product or service, perhaps for some unique information.

The proverbial ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ saying could be very applicable with Austin SEO techniques. The point here is to not rely on just one method or form of SEO when trying to achieve internet business success – use all available elements to achieve a great online business!

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