Website Down Time – Why You Need to Proactively Avoid It!


Nothing kills your website’s effectiveness as a critical business tool faster than downtime, which is why it’s so important to take steps to avoid it.

Fortunately, avoiding most downtime is not hard at all if you perform regular essential web maintenance to keep your site performing as it should.

If that’s not something you want to take care of on your own or feel you don’t have the know-how to handle yourself, hire a website service to do a tune-up that can take care of critical maintenance to keep things running smoothly and prevent avoidable downtime!

Proactive maintenance done by a skilled web tune-up service can save your company time and money as well as prevent other damages that can occur when your website suddenly goes offline.

Why Is Downtime So Damaging?

When your website cannot be reached by your customers, downtime like that can wreak havoc on your business and in more ways than just the obvious ones.

Naturally, if customers cannot get to your website because it’s down, they can’t buy from you.

Yet beyond your sales suffering, skipping critical website tune-up services that would otherwise keep your site running can cause other damage as well.

  • Lose customers to your competition
  • Business trust and reputation could be affected.&
  • The cost to get the problem fixed and the site back up.

In all instances, preventing the issues that cause website downtime by implementing a good maintenance program might be all you need.

A well-maintained site that is kept up-to-date is less likely to experience downtime that will negatively affect your business.

Why Should You Avoid The Fix-Break Approach?

As easy as it is to adopt the fix-break mentality with website maintenance of fixing problems when they make themselves known, this is just as inefficient with a website as it is with any other system or machine.

It’s especially so because most of the issues that cause downtime can be easily prevented working with an experienced web tune-up service to do what is necessary to prevent security breaches, malware attacks, code incompatibility, and other factors that can cause poor site performance or unexpected offline downtime.

How Does Proactive Web Maintenance Prevent Downtime?

The key to being proactive about preventing website downtime is allowing your web tune-up service to do necessary site maintenance that keeps your code and security features current.

Using the latest website technology, updated versions of current software and encryption, as well as various site-testing strategies to seek out weaknesses, it’s possible to anticipate problems before they can actually turn into concerns that take your site down.

Downtime risk and business interruptions decrease considerably with this type of proactive prevention.

Avoid Website Downtime

The right thing to do is seek the help of a trusted website service, as the last thing any business owner wants is to find out their website has crashed, making it unusable by customers.

Taking this even further, prevent downtime and the damage it can inflict on your business by creating an effective web maintenance strategy.

In doing so, can keep your website functional and safe, maintain a good level of trust and a positive reputation with your customers, and keep those sales coming in!

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