Website Design and HomePages – A Vital First Impression!



A website’s homepage is usually the first thing most users see; it is a key to convince users to continue on and find what they are seeking. Knowing this, every web design company can agree that the first impression made by a homepage is critical. First impressions in web design can either make or break a company’s online presence. This means that for any web design to be effective, it must be well represented by a pleasing and inviting homepage.

Why Homepages Definitely Matter

The truth of web design and website effectiveness is simple – poor homepage design hurts websites. Even companies that offer the best products at outstanding prices will lose business when a viewer cannot get past the Homepage, clicking off for whatever the reason may be. Design does not necessarily have to be bad to turn users away.  Online research has shown that when a homepage is not immediately useable and welcoming, perhaps due to font size or style, color scheme, navigational menu, disorganization, or too much information in one space, a company’s message gets lost and viewers click off.

Important Considerations for Homepage Design

The main question in homepage design is how to present a business so that users get a sense of who and what they are. This requires planning, not just jumping in and putting elements on a page. It requires a web design company to help a business define the purpose of the business purpose and reason for the website. From there, they can create a design that fulfills this purpose. A great homepage considers the needs of targeted users, social media, visual appeal, and ability to use the site. It also includes important calls to action and ways to help various users find the website content they need.

Designing A Great Homepage

Generally speaking, a quality homepage that invites users to dig deeper is one that is technologically superior. It is fast loading, provides clear images, has easy navigation and a simple layout, and is also attractive. There are many ways to design a great homepage, although finding the best layout is essential. In light of this, starting out with sketches and wireframes can be helpful to eventually create the most favorable design.

A favorable design should include appropriate images along with a brief description of the company. It should also offer choices in top-level navigation to get more detailed information. A great homepage should always include a company’s brand identity in the form of their logo, contact information, and other elements of their online presence that blends the page with their other sites and links to any social media sites. Copy should be kept to a minimum on a homepage, since it is designed more as an introduction page to field users than an informational one. Including featured content can work as well in moderation, with simple links to pages within the site.

There is no single formula that will work for every website. Homepage design is a process that a web design company must use to create the best homepage. When going through trial and error to develop concepts, stick to the few, simple ideas mentioned above to help designers create a representative and welcoming business homepage web design. Creating a great first impression with an impressive homepage requires thought and effort so that a business can share its message with viewers, not lose them to poor web design!

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