Web Design Rates – What You Should Know


Most people who have made the decision to invest in a website often ask the question “What are reasonable web design rates?” Well, that depends on what kind of website you want and what its intended usage will be. Designs for websites are almost endless and, with so many web developers offering their services, it’s nearly impossible to establish a definitive list of web design rates.

In order for web developers to determine web design rates for your website, you have to know what kind of a website you will be establishing. Is it a personal website? Are you trying to make money online through niche websites? Are you working with a well known company? These are few of the factors which will enter into a determination of web design rates.

Websites can be categorized into three types, each type with its corresponding web design rates. Determine the category of your website and will have a better idea of a possible cost for your website.

Low Expectation Websites

This is the most affordable area in web design rates. Prices for this type of website can be a few hundred dollars. This is definitely affordable for a website; however, don’t expect to have a high end design!

What you will probably receive for low web design rates is a basic HTML-style page with few graphics. If your goal is to make money online, my tip is to avoid low end web sites. They tend to look as cheap as their price and it is unlikely that you will make any money with just a basic design website. Your potential customers will not put their trust in you based on a website that doesn’t appear as if you have invested adequate money into its design.

Don’t get me wrong – you can still use low end websites if your goal is just to have a personal website and post a few pictures. With any website you want, make sure to know what kind of work your designer will produce before making any payments.

Mid Expectation Websites

If you are looking for a well designed website for a reasonable price, mid range websites will probably be the area to search for reasonable web design rates. This is usually the category for niche businesses and some commercial websites.

Web design rates in this category can range from about five hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on the customization you need for your website. With the low price packages, you get a template design with little or no customization.  You will either need a mid-range website or at least an option for customization such as headers, backgrounds, logos, etc. at a reasonable rate from a low range website designer.

If you need a completely personalized website, you can always look for customizable web design packages. Just make sure that you have an adequate budget for designing the website as web design rates in this range are dependent upon how unique you want your website to appear.

High Expectation Websites

Do you want to have a state-of-the-art design for your website incorporating the latest web design technology? You will surely need a high range for web design rates. This is the type of website used by large companies to create their own unique online impression and the web design rates for this type of website is in the thousands of dollars. With high range websites, you will get a totally distinctive website with expert designers working on your graphics who specialize in each aspect of design.

Web design rates vary greatly so be a wise investor of your money and do your preparation based on the above clues.  Use a professional web design company to ensure the best results.  Good luck!


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