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Providing the best user experience is the goal of effective web design, something that the best web designer knows very well. Actually knowing how to do that is something that revolves around observing and predicting user interaction. The best web design is one where the user has a good experience because designers have researched audiences and provided a user interface that lets users to interact smoothly and naturally.

Defining User Interaction

User interaction is what people do on a website; it is largely dictated by web design and users reaction to design and functionality. Based on the ways in which elements like visual design, function, and content create reactions in users, designers can plan for specific, desired viewer reactions. It is important to have a great understanding of the target audience, and then know how certain elements such as color, font size, navigation, and use of media will affect target audiences.

How User Experience Depends on User Interaction

The best user experience or UX as it is known in the industry comes from a website that promotes great user interaction. The two are directly related, which makes understanding these elements essential to develop the best web design. The details in generating user interaction will differ by website; however, if the correct user reaction is not created, designers will not succeed in directly users through the website to finalize a sale because of having a less than satisfactory website experience.

Use Emotion to Create Interaction and Experience

One of the most important jobs a web designer has is to create a website that generates user emotion that prompts interaction. It is a complex concept; however, it is an essential aspect to understand. Based on the knowing how different audiences will react differently to design elements, web designers must build a site that appropriately represents the product or message and reaches the intended audience using many design elements. The right emotion must be created that will lead to user interaction and build experience. Although it has a wide definition in terms of the message of each website, being able to generate user feelings such as confidence, sympathy, and value is a core necessity to achieve the final result, user experience.

What Does This Mean for Design Teams?

An essential point to know is that design teams must collectively understand the user, the product, and the message of each website, then use the same methods to generate the emotion necessary to create good UX. This requires good communication and overall knowledge of how to use appropriate elements to promote that user interaction. Lack of communication as well as failure to consider mood and emotion will not provide the smoothest user experience.

Like a path that spirals out in many different directions, website interaction is at the core of every good web design, something that the best web designer must know and understand. By designing for interaction, an effective web design will provide good user experience. Focusing on the target audience, and generating necessary reactions from that audience, is the best way to offer the best UX to all customers!

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