Web Design and Log-ins – Are You Making It Easy?


Many websites now require that a new user set up an account and/or log in. This is usually done either for security purposes or to gather data about the users that visit a website – or both. Needless to say, this should be done in the easiest way possible to avoid turning away both new and existing users. To make logging in as painless as possible, developers of great web design in College Station TX recommend the following:

Provide Choices

Unique user names used to be the standard method for signing up and logging into websites. Now, it is possible to connect with user name, email address, or even through a Facebook or Twitter account. Be sure to remember that most people now have so many accounts that logging in with a user name has become more difficult. Most people cannot remember their user name and don’t want to waste time figuring it out.

To avoid user name issues, developers of the best web design in College Station Texas often provide different and easy-to-remember choices to log in. By doing this, a user is not forced to sign up or log in with information that they either cannot remember, or prefer not to share.

User Name and Password Recovery

To help users, it is important to provide clear, noticeable error messages when incorrect information is submitted. Error messages that specifically state which information was entered incorrectly is much more helpful and much less frustrating than a generic error message that does not indicate which field has the incorrect information. Remember that the best web design involves thinking ahead, and answering questions before users have asked them.

Every log in box should offer a forgotten user name and password link. At these links, users can submit the email address associated with their account that will generate an email with the account information included. When prominently displayed, these features make account recovery easy and convenient, which reduces the chance that a visitor will just click off the site and go elsewhere.

Simple Layout

It is better to avoid pop-ups for log-in purposes; intuitive web development offers an easily-findable log in box on multiple user pages – whether part of a landing page or a stand-alone page. Logging in should not require having a user search the website for where this must be done or have to interpret which information to input where. All a log in area needs is a few clearly labeled input fields and a linking button.

Use common terms to avoid sign-in confusion. Sign up, sign in, or log in is generally what users expect to see as a prompt. Always include a sign-up option with log in requests for new users who do not have an account.

It is important for web design specialists to understand how and where to place a website’s log-in information. Anything that detracts from an easy log in or registration is detrimental to user experience and ultimately website success. Design, optimization, and brand recognition are of little value when users cannot log-in to the website. It is important to find the best College Station web design professionals who can create uncomplicated sign up, log in, and account detail retrieval to keep your business on top of the search engine rankings!

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