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Austin Website DesignWith the latest Google Penguin search algorithm that was released, website and blog managers are trying to get a head-start on changes that will need to be made with their products to comply with a renewed focus on the interpretation of links and their value. As Austin website design professionals have realized, one aspect of the changes seems to work somewhat negatively and are taking steps to find the best workaround.

Penguin 2.0 and Incoming Links

Natural incoming links from other reputable websites always provided a chance to gain optimization assistance and better search engine ranking based on that other site’s page ranking. This was particularly true with guest blogging, where recognized authors brought more recognition to websites by linking that author’s website to any guest post that was written. Well, according to Google, this may change with the latest version of Penguin.

Google’s purpose in changing link handling was to not allow high-ranking advertorials to steal page rank from quality websites. A side effect of hosting guest blogging is that the created linking also influences the ranking of the blogger’s website, which boosted page ranking on those landing pages. It sounds good and honest; however, again there was a somewhat negative side effect from letting such practices continue.

The issue was that Google did not at that time distinguish between an honest guest posting and an advertorial. The natural link of guest blogging was being confused with a placed and paid advertorial link, which was increasing page rank in a way that was never intended to happen. So the update to Penguin 2.0 was put in to address this issue – with the unfortunate side effect of lowing the value of a link created by guest blogging. Returning that value to being an important incoming link is what must be understood.

Penguin 2.0 and Benefiting From Guest Blogging

It should be no surprise that quality content is again the main way for a website to make Google happy – and it’s just not going to change! Advertorials took advantage of guest blogging benefits with content that tried to disguise an obvious advertisement as real editorial content, which did prove that this approach definitely worked. This was not what Google or most online searchers wanted.

So how can an honest website that used – and gave – guest blogging solve this dilemma? It involves closer scrutiny and stricter evaluation of guest blog posts. This is nothing new, say Austin website design teams; however, there are a few different areas being targeted to examine more closely before posting a guest blog.

If a guest post is good quality of a correct length, then anchor text links, author trails, and other types of links within the copy must be examined. Anchor text can contain too many common keywords which can harm optimization. Looking at Author trails – an Author’s link to a home website – to examine incoming links goes a long way in seeing that author’s intent – is it new viewers and valuable links or is it filled with spam links? The links to a guest bloggers website should be from quality ranked websites in order to bring value to a link.

Design firms in Austin advise that no red flags are raised if a website honestly provides a high-quality, user-friendly experience, offers valuable content, does not overuse keywords, and has content suitable to be linked to pertinent and honest social media profiles. With some well-placed incoming links via a qualified and reputable guest blogger, the intent of Penguin 2.0 updates should not be harmful in any way to a good guest blogging attempt!

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    • As Penguin was an algorithmic penalty, there will be no benefit in emailing Google directly or filing a reconsideration request, as the penalty was not manual. However, filing a disavow file would be worthwhile if you believe that your site’s link profile is littered with spam.

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