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Houston Web DesignThe internet is constantly evolving, bringing a lot of new words that may sound like gibberish to the unacquainted. For those creating a website, it is important to to have a comprehensive understanding about how websites work – and unique words are part of what is needed. Following are some basic, important terms used by Houston web design companies and other developers.

  • Backlink – This refers to the way in which traffic comes from other internet pages into a website and is also known as an inbound link. Backlinking is a popular search engine optimization strategy as it has a vital relationship with the popularity of a website.
  • Bandwidth – Usage of this term can refer either the amount of data transferred or the rate at which it is done at any given time. A hosting service allocates a certain amount of bandwidth for a certain amount of time, which will determine the volume of traffic that can be accommodated at a given time.
  • Browser – A browser is the software that is used by a visitor to view a website and its contents. Popular browsers include Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
  • CMS – Content Management System is a user interface to manage and separate content usage from a website’s functioning capability as it was design by a Houston web design firm. It allows for content to be changed, added and deleted by a website owner without requiring assistance from a designer.
  • Domain Name – This refers to the alphabetical means of identifying a website’s address. It is important since the internet really runs on numeric IP addresses, which are hard to remember. A domain name must be purchased first and associated with an IP address to work.
  • Hosting – In order to be accessible 24/7, a website,and all of its related files must be stored in a server computer. This process is referred to as hosting.
  • HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language is the basic language used to create or write web pages, primarily to provide content but can also determine exactly how such content is presented.
  • Hyperlink – This is a way to connect from one page to another, either within a website or from one website to another. It may come in the form of text or an image and is highlighted to stand out.
  • IP Address – An Internet Protocol address is a set of numbers that identify a computer, much as a home address works. A server’s IP is paired with a domain name so that instead of numbers, the address becomes alphabetical and easier to recall.
  • Keyword – Keywords are short phrases that people type into search engines to find related content on the internet. They are an important SEO component that can make a site visible to search engines.
  • Landing Page – A landing page is the first page of a website that visitors see after entering website; it may be different from the Home Page depending on the search inquiry entered.
  • Meta Tag – A meta tag is a string of HTML code that helps search engines to know the content of a web page. It is one of the places where keywords can be used.
  • RSS – Really Simple Syndication is a feed format which allows content to be updated automatically from one page to another. Users can also receive the updated content when subscribed to an RSS feed. This feature is useful on blogs and news sites that require constant updates.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization refers to a means of improving a website’s visibility in a search engine’s search results ranking. This can be achieved by using frequently searched keywords in the content and getting similar sites to link back. to create a sense of value to that website.
  • Server – The server is basically a computer that is used exclusively to store all website information and files. When a domain name is accessed, it is linking to the information located on a server.
  • Traffic – Traffic refers to the number of individuals visiting a site at a given time and can be used to measure a website’s success rate and popularity.

These are just some of the basic internet terms, or lingo, used. Knowing such basic words and meanings is vital in making important Houston web design decisions – web design lingo must be understood!

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