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Houston_SEOThe internet is a much different place today than it used to be, even just five years ago. With so much happening in social media and online sales and with businesses pushing to create a web presence for themselves, online competition has become fierce. Every website is attempting to be the first one noticed, so successful Houston SEO could not be more important than now.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically a way for web pages to be more easily found in a sea of similar pages by web browsers like Google which is the largest, most popular browser and the benchmark to which SEO is written today. This optimization effort involves a number of different ideas using specific, strategically-placed keywords which are written into the site content to be picked up by Google. Of all the keywords, the most important SEO tags on any web site are the Title Tags.

Title Tag Usage

Title Tags are tags which incorporate the main heading of the page. Formerly referred to as Meta Tags which appeared in the header section of html code, this term is more or less outdated. It is one of the first of all keywords that can be picked out by a web browser, raising a website higher in page rankings for certain search terms. It must be representative of the page it is describing and formatted in a certain way in order to get the best Houston SEO results.


Appearing within the <head> section of any web page and usually within the first lines, title tags are generally configured to have two things: high-ranking keywords relevant to the page content and the website or company name or both. These site tags should ideally be only seventy characters, less if possible, since search engines can only interpret and display the first seventy characters in any site listing. Anything additional gets cut off, potentially affecting the whole site in a negative way and at the very least making the listing in the search results look incomplete since it would be partially cut off.


Best title tag format consists of: a keyword or two; site/company name or a keyword or two; a little detail about specific page – site/company name, or some similar format. Use of the keywords/key phrases earlier in the tag is going to get the best results, despite the natural tendency to put a company’s name first. Though it may seem awkward or incorrect at times, it is important to remember that SEO is meant to be recognized by browsers, not by people. If a site is not found and displayed by its keywords, it will not be found and read by visitors.

It is important to note that special characters such as colons, semi-colons, ampersands, plus signs, dollar signs, etc.) should not be used, since they are not recognized by all search engines. Use of such characters can actually decrease SEO efforts. Remember to only use dashes (-), slant bars (/,) and vertical bars (|).

Having a great title tag is probably the most overlooked part in the creation of websites, even though it is the most important. Its purpose is either not understood or how to create one is unknown, although it is really very simple. To get the best results from title tags, research on methods and trends would be useful to learn how to come up with the best ones since parameters are always changing. The main goal in the long run is always to get the best Houston SEO, so a little extra effort in ensuring correct use of these will be very beneficial!

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  1. Wow, I never knew all these little things helped my site! I normally just left them blank because they didn’t seem important. I’ll definitely go change them now. Thanks for the information!

    • No problem, glad we could get you the info! It’s always a good idea to learn how to optimize your site as much as you can, even those things that look unimportant.

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