Thwart the Competition With Different SEM Methods


Houston_SEO_ServicesOne of the biggest challenges of managing a website is getting the right traffic as visitors are a crucial element to its success; the tough part is that achieving this is not as easy as it sounds. Imagine being a food delivery service provider and not advertising the phone number of the business. That the business even exists will never be known if the proper traffic is not generated; therefore, it is important to employ the right Austin SEO marketing strategies.

SEM Definition

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a broader scope of web advertising that is comprised of both organic SEO and paid advertising. Organic SEO refers to building a site’s ranking on the search engine results pages (SERP’s) via natural means such as using: keywords; quality content; informative articles; and backlinks from social websites among other things. Such strategies do not cost anything since implementation is fairly easy; however, having this done professionally is always a wise choice.

Paid advertising is an aggressive marketing strategy that involves paying online companies, such as AdWords or Microsoft adCenter, to have a website properly advertised. Being placed at the top of the search engine results pages is an example of paid SEM though quite costly. The ultimate goal of SEM is to establish a website’s online presence by both free and paid means.

SEM Methods and Metrics

There are many ways to market a website. In addition, there are certain metrics that Austin SEO marketers use to evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented strategy. Following are some of the common methods and metrics used in SEM.

  • Keyword Research – Keyword research is an effective organic marketing strategy that involves using words visitors type into browsers to locate something on the internet. The browser will then check its records for watching words from numerous websites and display then back to the searcher. By including popular and topic-related keywords in onsite content, it is possible for a page to rank higher and attract more visitors.
  • Pay-Per-Click – Pay-per-click is another means of internet marketing. This is an ad for an internet page that is hyperlinked to a website. Clicking on the ad redirects visitors to the advertised page on a website. The cost for this service does just as the title shows, each click incurs a charge for the advertising company.
  • Paid Inclusion – Another effective SEM strategy is sponsored search page advertising. A sponsored link will always display at the top of the search results page. Beneath it are the organically ranked links to other websites.
  • Saturation – Determining how well an internet page performs in the search engine rankings is important. There are two major ways to measure such performance. The first is by the number of pages indexed by the search engine, also referred to as saturation. The more pages indexed, the better the chance of attracting visitors since the browsers index pages individually.
  • Backlinks – The next determining factor is the number of external links that link back to a website, also referred to as popularity. These external links not only bring traffic to the site; it also helps boost its reputation with the browsers. Because a page is getting backlinks from others, the search engines will see it as reliable and popular.

Attracting a large amount of traffic is not an easy task. With thousands of internet pages being posted each day, getting ahead of the competition should not be left to luck. Search Engine Marketing and Austin SEO can give a page that valuable edge, regardless of whether it is organic or paid. Hopefully this article has provided some helpful information to understand SEM and how it can give a website an advantage over their competitors!

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