The Wonders of Analyzing Log Files and SEO!


Austin SEOThe purpose of any website is to attract business and keep it, turning visitors into customers or clients. Correct website development and maintenance takes a lot of effort, especially in pinpointing the best SEO methods. Going over a website’s log files regularly is an essential part of any Austin SEO marketing plan to determine if strategies are working as planned or if changes in optimization are needed. It is valuable to keep a careful eye behind the scenes on what kind of action a web page is experiencing.

  • Trends – With the help of programs such as Google’s free analytic tools and other similar software, detailed statistics of how SEO is performing can be easily retrieved. If done regularly, trends in what is happening on a website regarding number of visitors, length of visit, and what is being done on a website can be studied to find any potential weaknesses in the strategy. The main reason for reviewing log files is to discover problems that would otherwise go unnoticed and then fix those problems. Continued monitoring can determine whether there are improvements or if more fine-tuning is necessary.
  • Problem Areas – Particular areas that need close attention when analyzing website efficiency include: how a page is being navigated; how many bounce back hits a page is getting, number of visits that convert to completion, and how many abandoned shopping carts or page exits are in odd places. Each of these areas indicates a different problem, and an area that Austin SEO specialists will need to examine.
  • Problem Determination – Log files are most useful in determining broken exit pages and single access pages. Broken exit pages involve high or increased numbers of viewers leaving from the same page due to a technical problem such as a broken link, slow access, or other such reasons discourage a visitor from staying. With single access visits, keywords may not be well chosen or well placed, causing visitors to leave a page that does not relate to what was being sought. In this case, the use of better keywords and further log file monitoring is needed.
  • Other Information – Other useful information that can be learned by analyzing a log files are where traffic is coming from, keywords that are generating the most successful hits and conversions, and the highest rated entry pages that are being accessed. All of this knowledge is critical in making sound SEO decisions and targeting appropriate efforts. Even page refresh counts can be viewed to see whether there are parts of a page taking too long to load on certain browsers or equipment.

The list of statistics that can be monitored for any page is extensive and the number of variables that can affect a website’s functionality and efficiency is endless – from construction or poor SEO to browser or hosting issues. The ability to determine such problems can be beneficial as long as the information is actually used. Good, efficient Austin SEO requires that such information be used to its fullest extent in order to keep a website running well. With a little bit of practice and an understanding of the results derived from certain statistics such as log file analysis, staying on top of changing trends in SEO that affect a website’s success can be controlled quite easily!

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  1. Great information! I didn’t think to check my log files and other problems. I’ll take a look at it and see what I can improve. Thanks for the information!

    • Glad we can help! It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on log files and see where you can improve on your site! Thanks for the comment!

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