The Importance of A Banner To Website Success!


Texas_Web_DesignHaving a well-designed website is one of the most important necessities for any business or organization wanting to attract good traffic and conversions. What may not be realized is the importance of a great banner, one that stands out from all the others. Even if it might seem obvious for each web page to need a good header, Texas web design professionals warn that creating an effective one is not as easy as it might appear.


The purpose of a website banner is to create a focus point to be the first thing noticed, which is why it is so critical to get a banner right as it only has mere seconds to capture the interest of a visitor and encourage staying on the website for further browsing. The only way this can happen is if that banner is appropriate, unique, and appealing to viewers, as a poorly-done banner can indicate non-professionalism.

Designing Banners

There are certain things that every banner should include, primarily because it is usually the first thing seen by a visitor and often represents how the business or organization is perceived. A name is an obvious thing that should appear on any banner; it might also include other pertinent information such as email address, phone and fax number, street address, and more, depending on the type of organization and the website’s purpose. A catch phrase or motto is also great to include, especially one of a well-recognized brand.

Coming up with a viable idea for a banner that grabs and holds viewers attention is difficult. The days of the uniform, rectangle header are gone, as better websites are now using page toppers that are shaped, positioned, and artistically arranged to stand out from plain, constraining rectangles. Texas web design banners are digital masterpieces intended to stop viewers before even thinking about clicking off to another website.

New Trends in Banner Design

Banners shaped like the bottom edge of a graphic or image, perhaps a recognizable shape relating to the site’s name, or even banner placement can offer variety for viewers. Textures, colors, and different photo treatments have become much more prevalent as have certain popular, easy-to-read and recognize fonts. Other trends in the creation of a truly remarkable banner include using rotating images and navigation buttons within the header itself. Some Texas web design experts have tried putting the banner as a middle or bottom focus point.

One other trend that has really taken off lately is the creation of artistic headers so intricate and full of character as to look like traditional and pop-art masterpieces, styles that have gained popularity in the world of Texas web design. There are no hard, fast rules as to where the banner and initial point of interest should be located. As a matter of fact, many web designers are getting a little daring with the shape, size, and placement of that focus point/banner, having come up with some very atypical ideas that catch viewers attention.

When a header by itself is creative and attractive enough that viewers stop to really examine it – that is a banner that is definitely doing its job. Banners can be challenging to create; however, the right Texas web design expert with great graphic skills can use banner design to help achieve website success!

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