SmarterMail – Run Email Migration Tool


Migrate Email from an Old Server


This built-in feature will allow you to do an import from your old mail server to the new one. It does a one-time transfer of your files, but you can run it as many times as you like.


    1. Log in at to the account that you want to transfer the email into.

    2. Click on Settings

    1. Click on My Settings > Advanced Settings > Mailbox Migration. This will open the Mailbox Migration window.


  1. Choose the Account Type that applies. If you’re migrating from one POP mailbox to another, just use Other. There are also specific options from Exchange, Gmail, IMail, Zimbra, Yahoo, Hotmail, and others.

    Please note that IMAP imports will pull the file structure with your import.

    1. Choose which items to import.

  1. Enter your Account Settings

      1. Type – POP or IMAP

        1. Use POP as a default

        2. Use IMAP to

      2. Server Address –

        1. Example –

      3. Port – 110

        1. Leave as default unless you know that the server requires differently.

      4. Username – Your full email address

      5. Password – Your password

      6. Requires SSL – Do not check unless you know that the server requires it.

    1. Click Test Connection. If your settings are correct, you should get this message at the top. If not, please double-check your spelling on every setting. Usually the issue is due to a simple typo. Also try typing in your password again. If you still are not able to connect, try resetting your password on the old server and re-entering that new password on the Account Settings form.

    1. Once you’re able to connect successfully, click Next.

    2. Then click Start.

    3. When you are done you will get this message. Click Close to close out the window.



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