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Houston_SEOSearch engine optimization is not just a one-time occurrence; to implement it successfully, Houston SEO should be an ongoing effort as part of regular monthly maintenance. This should be done because any optimization that is done when a website is launched such as adding keyword rich content, Meta tags and backlinks will not have a lasting result unless the effort is ongoing.

Initial SEO Efforts

The SEO goal when a website is launched in order to get an initial traffic jump start is to get the search engines to notice the website so it can be indexed quickly. This effort is important for initial indexing; however, incoming traffic should be maintained through monthly Houston SEO. This way the search engines will identify that this particular internet location is relevant and valuable because of a constant stream of incoming traffic and will increase its ranking in the search engine result listing which should increase organic traffic.

Search engine optimization is made up of a combination of strategies and the same mixed approach for monthly maintenance is required to achieve lasting positive results. Here are some of the strategies that can be used for regular monthly maintenance.

Onsite Content

Posting initial content on a website can effectively help jump start a website in the SERPs; however, doing nothing beyond initial posting will not continue to keep rankings high for very long, which is what is needed. Keep in mind that search engines rank pages individually, with each page contributing to the overall rank of the entire website. So limiting posting to only an initial effort with next to nothing added over time would mean that the website’s overall ranking changes would always remain the same no matter what the competition is doing.

The basic guideline for content continues to remain that more is better. The more content a website adds, the greater its chances to get indexed. In saying this, it must be pointed out that posting of content should be ongoing but gradual, delivering content at a regular pace as a part of overall SEO maintenance which will guarantee that a website will continue to have traffic directed by search engines on newly indexed content.

Offsite Content

In addition to onsite article posting, it is also important to regularly submit contents to third party article directories. It is important to get links from high ranked websites as it brings in additional traffic and adds authority and credibility because of the traffic from high ranked websites.

Whenever search engines see that a website is getting traffic from high ranked websites, it is assumed that the website is an expert with a particular topic or has something valuable to offer. That sense of authority and expertise will positively influence a website’s standing on the search engine results pages. In order to have a lasting effect, offsite article submission should be slow and timely in a natural, organic fashion.

It goes without saying that the internet is a competitive arena; therefore, implementing Houston SEO services monthly is an important part of website ranking maintenance that is necessary in order to stay ahead of the competition. Using this information to regularly post well-written, quality articles both onsite and offsite can all work together and result in higher search engine ranking!

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