Search Engine Marketing – Revealing the Secret of Increased Traffic and Page Rank!


Houston SEOMany businesses are curious as to why their website is not ranked very high on search engine results pages. They may be looking into improving their Houston SEO to speedily grow their online business. The answer to these worries lies in discovering the secrets of why a web page ranks high on a search engine results page!

Take a look at the lists of common techniques that are used to remain at the top of a search engine results page:

  1. Constant Website Updates – Day-to-day updates are very essential to outperform competitors in Houston SEO. By creating radically distinctive content, one can attract online visitors to pay attention to their product’s information and provide them with a reason to go back to their site again and again. This will not only give them a short term advantage but will also be a stepping stone to attaining their long term goals.
  1. Site maps – Site maps are not only created to help visitors easily navigate a site or to quickly search for the kind of information one may be looking for. Site maps supplement any navigational aids by showing a blue print of major to minor details of the web page. Site maps are also helpful to web crawlers who can crawl the site efficiently and index it to a search engine. By creating a site map, a business owner is opening the door to higher ranks on search engines, while at the same time pulling in more traffic.
  1. Creation of More Backlinks – Links that are directed towards a website are very essential to increasing its page ranking. The number of quality backlinks it has will determine the relevance of the website. And having a relevant site increases the probability that online viewers will visit the site which will result in an increase in the volume of traffic and an even higher page ranking.
  1. Forums and Blogging – Forums are like discussion boards where anyone can share their ideas and respond with other posters. This is a place where one can gather a large amount of information that is specific to the subject they may be looking for. Forums are known to attract targeted traffic and give a site a good position on a search engine results page. One usually posts their message on any well-known SEO forums and puts their signature at the end of every post to ensure people can respond back them. In this way, one is not only increasing their traffic but they are also expanding their online visibility. Blogging on the other hand, is a powerful technique to obtain quality backlinks for a page. Blogging includes posting articles or editorials on a specific subject to a website. This will also bring a large volume of targeted traffic to a site. Forums and blogs are creative ways to gain good, free traffic.
  1. Article Writing – Writing an article is an information-rich way to advertise a web site. This is also a powerful weapon to increase online traffic rapidly. Writing an article with relevant and unique content gives a site the opportunity to increase its click-through rate. Submitting an article to a website can generate positive feedback and can be very essential in driving traffic to the site.

Many websites remain on top because they conduct daily updates. They have interesting forums and several blog posts. These websites that are reinforced with good quality articles that entice searchers to dig for more information on the products and services that the site is advertising. The Houston SEO techniques above are not secrets but pieces of information that many people tend to neglect even though they are believed to be very important to obtaining traffic and a great page ranking!


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  1. This sounds like a great system! I’m wondering if Google agrees with this system or do they view it as shady or spamming?

    • While there are shady practices some individuals pursue to get a high page rank, all of the strategies listed above are actually highly encouraged by Google. Ethical SEO not only helps Google’s natural processes, if it is done correctly, it also optimizes the page to meet your customers’ needs. As long as you avoid practices that break a search engine’s rules, you are in the clear!

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