Redesigning Your Website? Get Professional Photos Done!


Great product photos can make or break your ecommerce website design. Statistics on website performance distinctly show more conversions when a website has high-quality, custom images.

This is why experienced website design companies strongly recommend that you include professional photography in the budget for a website redesign.

It’s the best and easiest time to replace low-quality, amateur photos with imagery that will truly help your customers and increase your sales.

Photo Quality Matters – A Lot!

One of the main problems website design companies encounter when doing site redesigns is poor quality photos.

Considering that the sole purpose of your ecommerce website design is to sell your products, bad photography is likely costing you sales if shoppers cannot make a confident, informed decision about what you’re selling.

It also makes your business look unprofessional and amateurish, which could leave customers wondering whether your company is even trustworthy enough to deal with.

Most designers agree that one of the best times to replace low-quality images is during a website design upgrade. It’s easier to do at then and your new site will launch looking and functioning its best.

Investing in professional photography at the time of a site redesign is more economical and allow you to get your full money’s worth from the work your designer actually does.

Stock Photography – Obvious and Impersonal

Stock photography in website design has become very popular today as an affordable middle ground between low-quality, in-house photos and professional photography.

Unfortunately, even though the stock photos you can buy are high-quality, they have become so common that viewers can easily identify a stock photo from a more personal one.

A large part of selling is connecting with the customer on a personal level. If you want to make that connection with your customers, professional photos shot specifically for your website are important.

With photos that present your company in a more personal yet professional manner, you will build brand recognition and trust while helping customers make informed purchase decisions.

Professional Website Design Photos Perform Best

Professional photography for your ecommerce website design will definitely cost more than doing it yourself or using stock photos. Fortunately, this is the only downside.

Website design companies strongly recommend including professional photos in a website redesign to ensure the site performs as expected.

High-quality photos taken for your individual website will represent your brand and products better, fit your new design better, and be more user-friendly for your customers.

The right photos, edited in the right way by your designer, will dramatically improve the quality and functionality of your entire website.

If you’re getting ready to update your current website design, don’t forget to budget for high-quality, professional photography. Resist the urge to take your own photos or use stock photography in your ecommerce website design, neither of which will perform as well for you as unique, high-quality photos.

Give website design companies the chance to transform your site into a sales machine by updating with a redesign that includes updated, professional-quality photography!

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