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A great website design is only as great as the results it obtains. Results, as all web designers know, come from a variety of details. This ranges from things such as visual aesthetics and functional elements to important development details.

How can web design services help you develop the best and most functional website? Evaluate these seven essential points below to ensure your site is coded using the preferred methods so they are correct, functional, and can be easily modified.

1. Well-Structured HTML

The basis of every great website design is the HTML code from which it is written. A functional and correct design must begin with a well-structured code document written from semantic HTML that adheres to WC3 open web standards and works with or without CSS and styles. Raw HTML must be logical on its own and use semantic markup consistently and effectively.

2. Standardized Rules

To create an efficient design, web design services must create a set of defined rules for a site and use them consistently throughout. Standardized values applied in the CSS create cleaner, lighter code and less need to apply extra variables and mix-ins like pixels, HEX codes, and numeric values. Centralized, standard values always produce the most uniform and consistent design.

3. Light and Efficient Coding

Light code written by using the least amount of markup and framework produces a faster and more efficient design. Bloated HTML code and unnecessary reliance on framework are usually due to a poor understanding of CSS. Web designers must always question whether there is a way to achieve results using less code and determine how to best optimize assets to accomplish this.   

4. Modular Elements

An efficient website design is constructed from modular elements that can be easily reused throughout the site. Base elements that form the core framework should be separated from the rest, which should then be coded as generic modules that can be duplicated and customized as needed. By breaking code into pieces that can be used in the most ways, consistency and lightness are achieved.

5. Easily Customizable

Efficient and modular code should also be both easy to configure and scale. By using code that can be easily customized with default classes and added class parameters and anticipate expansion and enhancement, web design services can build configurable properties right into the site. This forward planning helps maintain lightness, reducing the need to add unnecessary code to customize colors, sizes, fonts, and other variables.

6. Well Documented

Another important element that skilled web designers should include is good documentation that explains their code and tracks all changes. Using a live style guide, designers can create a complete record that:

  • Explains design implementation.
  • Provides instructions on how the code can be used and modified.
  • Prevents the need for re-writing code that is not understood.

7. Precise Representation

Web design services must perform an evaluation to ensure the finished site is an accurate representation of the planned design. Sticking to the standards and methods referenced above is best; however, slight modifications may be necessary to ensure precise representation.

Every functional and attractive website design should begin with the proper techniques that make this happen. Web designers who write the most efficient code will succeed in creating a site that truly eye-opening to viewers!

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