Notepad Mistakes to Avoid When Editing for Web Design


Houston Web DesignersMany who are trying to create great Houston web design prefer to use Notepad because it is easy to use, handy, and free with all versions of Microsoft Windows. With that simplicity, there are some challenges when using this application to edit HTML text as just a single text error can compromise the entire design. To ensure such does not occur, here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid.


Be sure to use the right application. Wordpad is a Microsoft Windows program very similar to Notepad. The most common mistake committed is to use the Wordpad application for writing HTML. When attempting to open the page, it either displays awkwardly or may not open at all. Check the file extension; by default, Wordpad saves the file in “rich text format (RTF).” If this is the case, simply change it under the “Save as Type” drop-down menu; if still unsuccessful, switch to using Notepad.

File Extension

Be sure to change the file extension from .t.xt to htm when saving any work in Notepad. Typically, every time work is saved, htm should be used after the file name so it will be properly saved and readable by the browsers. It is otherwise automatically saved with the .txt extension, which is also readable by the search engines but shows up as text rather than design.

PHP Editing

PHP editing can be problematic. Notepad is an ASCII text editor application but has hidden characters embedded in the code that will disorganize the outcome. Use another compatible text editor to edit PHP’s.

Web Design Tips

Regardless of how simple Notepad is for writing, it is important for any Houston web design firm to have good insight into how to accomplish effective design that will deliver a positive user experience. Following are some of these insights.

  • Good Architecture – Be sure to structure ideas and information to help users find what is wanted. Arrange navigation and links according to viewer needs, not necessarily what the client wants. Keep in mind that this is all about browsing efficiency and not about an organizational chart for the business.
  • Easy to Understand – Make a website easy to navigate, lean, and clean. This can be achieved by providing relevant headlines, effective subheadings, bullet points, short paragraphs, descriptive links, and appropriate content. Keep content plain and simple, aiming for an eight-grade reading level to make it easy to understand and connect with the targeted audience.
  • Proofread – Avoid mistakes by taking the time to proofread. Content should be reviewed thoroughly from start to finish, looking for any inconsistencies and errors.

Knowing and understanding some common mistakes made in Houston web design when using Notepad and following some of the helpful tips discussed above can be extremely helpful in the editing of any website!

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