Need A New Website? Things to Discuss With Your Web Designer!


There is no questioning the fact that today, every business needs a great website; however, where the questions do lie is in what that website should look like and include.

After all, every company’s needs are different and for web designers to build the website that their clients want, a lot of good discussion and communication should be involved.

Though you may have ideas about how you want your site to look and what it must do, it’s best to plan all that out with a business web designer who can listen to your wants and needs and turn them into the website you want.

When you’re ready to have that website created, make sure you talk about these important topics so that you and your designer are in sync and know what to expect as website production begins.

Simple Responsive Web Design Wins

A successful professional web design that is going to perform well for your business must work for users and do what they want to do.

Mostly, this means it needs to function well on both desktop and mobile devices and should be easy to use.

You can have both of these things when you use a simple, straightforward, basic website design that is responsive to any of the many digital device used by potential clients.

User-friendliness is the key to gaining customers as opposed to simply collecting bouncebacks if your site can’t be easily used.

Industry Specific Design

Along those same lines, your web designer can help you choose a design style that fits your industry.

While you do want to stand out from the crowd with a memorable website, it needs to be done within the realm of what has become customary within your business field – to a certain extent – but allow for creativity too.

You may want to follow what your competitors are doing, so you should work with a designer who can help you do it better and yet more uniquely within the realm of what is expected within your industry.

Colors, Fonts, and Formatting

Color and fonts are two areas where business web designers have to be careful in creating a standout design that isn’t so unique as to reduce usability or stray outside of the norm for your industry.

While it’s important to incorporate your company’s colors into your website, it needs to be done in a way that the site color scheme promotes usability.

Use only a total of 2 or 3 fonts and they must be chosen for the feel they generate and readability.

Website formatting must be optimized and consistent for user-friendliness as well.

Load Time And What Affects It

How fast your website loads is a critical factor that will affect its success.

In discussing website plans with your designer, it’s important to understand that some features you might want could slow down your site’s loading time.

Ideally, you want to use a clean file format and include optimized content created to improve load time, so that might mean leaving some non-essential things off.

High Quality Content

A great website that brings in business doesn’t stop with just the website design.

You’ll need to come up with good content to initially add to the site and then keep adding more to keep drawing in your customers.

With this in mind, talk to your web designer about what content your site needs, how it should be presented, and who will create it.

Design Costs and Budgeting

Be sure to discuss the cost of your website both before and during construction as well as throughout the launch and into the future so you can budget for these expenses.

Professional web design can be expensive; however, it pays for itself many times over when your site performs well and reaches its goals.

Just understand upfront that it will an initial large expenditure and require ongoing maintenance.

Ready for that New Website?

Though these are not all of the details you’ll want to discuss with your web designer, this list should give you an idea of some of the more important factors to decide on with their help.

Hopefully, with good communication and a basic understanding of your needs and how your designer can accomplish that for you, the resulting website will reflect your ideas in a way that presents your company in an overwhelmingly positive light!

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