My Website Is Not Using WordPress – Why Should I Convert It?


The right content management system  or CMS is critical when building an effective, user-friendly website design. Of all the CMS systems available, WordPress is viewed as one of the best by most web design services for many reasons.

Whether you are doing a migration to accommodate the new HTTPS protocol or just need a more useful website in general, consider the many ways that WordPress is a superior platform for great web design.

Easy Website Construction and Modification  

Compared to a website design built from custom HTML, the WordPress platform is designed to allow web design services to bring together a uniquely functional website quickly and easily. Modifications are less time and labor intensive. In addition, there is a huge variety of features that can be added to any site built on the WordPress CMS. The ease in which a web design can be modified makes it convenient and cost-effective.

Many Customizable Themes Available

There are hundreds of WordPress themes available, each of which can be modified in countless ways. This gives every site owner the chance to have a website design that is unique from any other without going through the expense and challenge of building a custom web design from HTML.

Theme designers understand that having a custom site unlike the competition is a critical feature for businesses and strive to add that level of customization to their base WordPress layouts.

Simple Updating and Posting

Along with easy construction and customization features for web design services, WordPress is also easy for users posting blogs and other updates. It allows posting by multiple users, it easily and quickly accepts many different types of content, and gives all those posting the ability to categorize, tag, and edit content.

Additionally, the platform allows administrators to post static content and restrict access by other accounts with posting permission. Overall, the platform promotes efficient website and blog updating to keep sites continuously publishing fresh content.

Built-In SEO

In addition to the other significant features that the WordPress CMS platform offers, a great benefit is its built-in optimization features. It uses clean, current code that is optimized to improve web crawling and page indexing. Some themes can even help new pages get indexed within a day, much faster than most other pages that are submitted to Google.

WordPress also offers other SEO-friendly features such as standard content formats using recognized headers, meta title and description, tag and alt-text capabilities, and other important features that produce well-optimized, search engine friendly pages to increase website exposure.

With the many qualities and features offered by the WordPress CMS and its ease of use, there is almost no reason why anyone in need of an attractive, functional, and effective website should choose otherwise. These features, as well as the ease with which web design services can build and maintain your site, mean more sales for a smaller investment in website design. If you have not yet done so, now is the time to convert to a great WordPress web design!

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