Looking At Top Web Design Trends in 2017!



Website design is both a creative and a functional endeavor that is continually changing. As web development and marketing techniques continue to improve, each website design company has a greater opportunity to create attractive and functional sites.

Since the first quarter of 2017 is now behind us, there are some definite trends popping up in both site development and design. If not already working with them, savvy designers will want to keep an eye on these ideas as they continue to evolve.

Mobile-First and Responsive Design

Responsive website design has been around for quite some time; however, there are still a surprising number of non-responsive sites on the internet. The outlook on this is changing, primarily due to Google’s growing emphasis on mobile-first design, which is a huge factor in recent trends in site development and layout. This is happening because much of this type of development begins with responsive design.

Site Design Frameworks

In addition to a wider acceptance of responsive mobile-first design, more developers are taking a closer look at site framework and implementing more user-friendly themes and patterns. This is especially important for e-commerce sites and those with many different categories and links.

With the rise of mobile-first, it has become a priority to achieve the best UX with an effective layout framework across all sites for all website design companies. Content cards are also becoming a widely used part of site layout.  

Color Trends

There are currently two different and completely opposite trends with respect to color. The first shows an increased use of brighter and bolder colors in website design, portraying excitement and activity. The second points to the growing popularity of darker esthetics, completely reversing the recent trend of using whitespace as a key element in site layout.  

Images, Video, and Animation

Large and authentic photography is becoming more valued. Replacing stock photography with impressive images that fill critical spaces in the layout, such as backgrounds and within the content, is a part of this trend. The use of video continues to surge as website design is made more mobile-friendly; static images are being replaced with simple animations and GIFs. Virtual reality effects, like 360-degree imagery and “movie-like” video, are becoming very popular as well.

Creative Navigation

Creating effective, yet interesting navigation has always been a main challenge for any website design company; however, the current trend is moving away from traditional menus. Unique and fun navigation patterns are becoming more popular again as skilled designers are finding ways to incorporate great function into their web design.


Along with fresh new ideas in the use of color, there is also more attention being placed on typefaces. Serif fonts are becoming popular again and oversized type as a layout element is becoming more prominent.

It seems that where development and site construction are concerned, the biggest trends are responsive mobile-first design and more effective layout frameworks. Esthetically, website design is moving in new directions with the use of both bolder and darker color schemes, along with essential elements like typeface, video, animation, and even creative navigation.

Although these trends seem to be moving in the exact opposite direction that website design companies may feel comfortable with, it seems much of this has to do with improvements in responsive design and the push for mobile-ready sites!

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