Let’s Look At These Top 3 Trends for Web Design in 2020!


Every year, internet technology and website design progresses in leaps and bounds as developers strive to create a more capable, user-friendly, and profitable online experience.

Moving into 2020, this year will be no different as suggested by the new directions marketers and web design companies appear to be taking.

Entering that critical period when design and marketing teams must work together to develop new web design strategies for the coming year, don’t miss the three biggest trends happening in website design today.

Get a step ahead of the competition by incorporating them into a fresh 2020 web design early!

1. Vlogging

YouTube is the most popular social network out there today, even more so than Facebook and Instagram.

Vlogging or creating video blogs is emerging as a highly successful way for businesses to reach their audiences in a format that gains and holds user attention better than other methods.

With videos having an estimated 135% more organic reach than photos and a substantial positive increase in ROI, video blogging is the way of the future.

More businesses looking to keep up with and gain an edge over their competition will be investing in vlogging in the coming year in addition to their regular written blog content in order to reach more viewers.

Using on-site embedded videos, social media videos, and YouTube channels, web design companies must seriously look at adding video content to their overall site design and content plan.

2. Chatboxes

Another marketing and design strategy that’s grown considerably in the past year and continues to show good results is the use of AI-powered virtual chatboxes.

In an effort to provide immediate answers to website users in order to help solve their problems before they leave the site, chatboxes that offer more than just typical form replies have done wonders for customer service.

Virtual chat assistants that learn from user input to select the most relevant information to present reduce the need for more costly live chat support.

3. Voice User Interface (VUI)

The number of mobile users continues to grow each year and with it, so does the need to include voice capabilities in mobile-friendly web design.

As voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are used by more people and voice search becomes more widespread, many companies are taking note of this and adding VUI features to their websites.

VUI allows businesses to add features like secure voice website login, voice search and command, simpler website design, and improved user interaction, especially when mobile.

Web Design in 2020 – Future Internet Technology

Internet technology has been moving fast in the past few years with a growing emphasis on AI, voice, and video.

Leading into not just a new year of web design but also a new decade, those developing 2020 web design strategies should take a look at implementing these features to provide additional user-friendliness to both desktop and mobile websites.

With automation, mobile design, and AI at the forefront of today’s technology, user-friendly and successful websites will be using a great number of these features in the very near future!

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