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Reputation MarketingIn the brick-and-mortar world of commerce, businesses small and large go through great efforts to maintain a good reputation with the customer base in the local community, which can make the difference between gaining a new customer or seeing that potential client visit the competition across the street. Even though offline businesses need to do certain things to retain a solid customer base, online companies must also follow a similar plan to promote their own brand and reputation; this is so important as online competition is even greater, making brand recognition and reputation management more important than ever.

Actively Promote Brands to the Right People

To have a brand worth marketing in the first place, it has to be one that is well known. The best way to do this is with marketing – both SEO and reputation. A quality website with good optimization and placement in the search engine results listing is on its way to being more widely noticed – but more needs to be done than that.

Social media is a strong tool that is available to increase brand awareness and increase recognition and trust. By creating profiles on popular social media websites and then keeping them enthusiastic and interactive, trust, exposure and increased website traffic will increase . A brand can also be marketed with press releases, blog articles, comments where appropriate, and many other ways. The importance is to get a brand or name seen as often as possible by the right people, creating familiarity with the brand so that the next time it is seen by a potential customer, it will be readily identified and recognized.

Know What Is Being Said

Once recognition begins to build, the most important thing to do is protect it, preventing any regression from any momentum that has been gained. This involves doing frequent searches for a company by name or any other search terms that can allow seeing what people online – and even other companies – are saying about the brand – and then acting where necessary to correct problems.

Along with frequent searches, alert notifications can be set to notify a company when that name is mentioned online; this makes it easier to know what is being said. Follow any and all leads to where people are talking about the name and monitor that. Claiming authorship of any free business profiles on popular directory and recommendation sites like Yelp!, Google Places, and others is worth the effort as well, as there are so many of these sites and they do get used quite a bit.

Take Action When Necessary

Steps to protect brand name and reputation begin with finding where people may be saying negative things and then attempt to correct them and regain any lost trust. No matter what the problem is, any reason for a customer to speak negatively about a company is something that must be managed.

 Finding out what the problem is and remedying it – and then learning from the incidence as well – is going to give the best results over time. It shows customers a company that is indeed interested in good customer service and is willing to correct problems, a company that is willing to accept responsibility if a mistake has been made and correct it. Such action can be a big consideration in terms of online businesses.

Protecting a brand name is essential for online businesses; there is so much to lose if potential customers are negatively affected by online comments about a company or brand. There needs to be more than enough positive references to both build up a good reputation and protect it once it has been established. With such action, online companies will benefit faster from having good recognition and a name associated with a company that cares about its customers and promotes good reputation marketing!

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