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Houston Web DesignersA buyer’s purchasing habits continuously change and evolve over the years. The way a product is sold is not the most important thing; it is the way in which customers purchase products that matters the most, which is different. To match ever-changing consumer needs, product and services sales must adapt to evolving buying habits. Using the internet as a primary purchasing medium is one way consumer purchasing habits has drastically changed. Web optimization is one of the most powerful tools used by Houston web designers in the establishment of an effective sales strategy.

Customers are seeking certain information to find what is needed and need to be encouraged to take an action that will hopefully lead to increased sales. SEO can help a brand be more competitive in the online arena. Following are some of the ways that buyers approach the purchase of various products and services as well as the importance of using persuasive content on a website.

Buying Behavior

Knowing the demographic profile and market segmentation are two ways used in the past to generate leads and increase sales; however, the results have been minimal because the outcome is too broad. Finding the audience type has little bearing compared to determining a buying behavioral pattern. Basically, there are four types of buying behavior – competitive, humanistic, methodical, and spontaneous.

  • Competitive – This type of behavior is found in more power-oriented, business-like, and strategically-paced people. The clear benefits of a company’s products must be convincing enough to choose one product over another online competitor’s product. To target such buyers, the website design must provide options and deliver challenges and probabilities to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Humanistic – This type of purchaser is relationship-oriented, wanting to establish trust with a company prior to making purchases. Testimonials should be provided that indicate how helpful the products have been to others and exceptional customer service is delivered. The best approach to reach such buyers is to provide recommendations and sales incentives.
  • Methodical – Detailed-oriented people fall into this type, wanting to know more about the product before purchasing. They don’t want product details as much as product solutions, preferring to know how a company operates. To lure such shoppers, a website should provide details about how a particular product will fix their problem without having to look elsewhere for a solution.
  • Spontaneous – Activity-oriented people want to know why a certain website is the best one for meeting needs. Because of this, Houston web designers should design a homepage that will easily build visitor rapport, promote confidence, and provide immediate satisfaction. Content is not important as the site will commonly be scanned to look for enticing and gripping information.

Persuasive Content

Content remains the backbone of a website as compelling content encourages prospective buyers to take action, so the information provided must be interesting to the consumer. In addition, a website should have informative structuring, visual imagery, well-displayed offers, and a call to action that will trigger a psychological and emotional response. Well-written content is just part of web design that can be matched with a customer’s buying habits; however, in order to effectively convince consumers to take action, the targeted audience must determined and then what will gratify their immediate needs must be understood.

Most consumers know the solution to their problems before surfing the internet. Such needs can be satisfied with good sales planning, a clearly understood sales process, and persuasive content that delivers information clearly with good facts about product availability. A good web design must match customer buying habits with an effective sales process in order to succeed in any e-commerce efforts!

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