Knowing How To Get Un-Banned From Google


Houston_SEO_ServicesHouston SEO services companies are often asked by business owners, “Why did Google ban my website?” There are many problems that could cause a website to no longer be ranked well on search engine results pages. Although there are certainly many possible explanations for this happening, many times banning happens as a result of action that were taken without even realizing there could be any negative repercussions.

Common Punishable Practices

There are a few common mistakes that can be made that could cause a website to be banned or no longer ranked by the search engines. Two very common mistakes that are made without even being aware that it would cause a problem are too many keywords and duplicate content.

  • Too Many Keywords – Using too many keywords in a page of content is called keyword ‘stuffing’ and one of the criteria used by Google to ban a website. Often, this is the result of an overzealous attempt to be sure that the keyword is used enough on a web page to help ranking – which unfortunately has just the opposite effect. The recommended percentage is 2 to 7 percent; anything about 10% is often looked at as too many and could result in being banned.
  • Duplicate Content – This category is often not perceived as being problematic – and it is a very common problem with e-commerce websites. Product descriptions are often duplicate of each other, varying only with size, color, or some such criteria. The same content on the same website is a big ‘no-no’ in the eyes of Google and can indeed lead to being banned as well.

Return Methods

When the above problems have happened that have caused banning to happen, there are some things that can be done to return a website to being listed on the indexes.

  • Correct Problem – Nothing will happen if the problems identified have not been corrected. Take every step necessary to identify and correct all potential problem areas.
  • Reconsideration Request – Check the current ranking or URL – if none of the pages shows, then it is time to send a re-inclusion request.
  • List What Has Happened – Show the details of the issue by indicated that a domain is currently having a problem, about the nature of the website, and the possible rules that were compromised. Be as specific as possible about anything that needs to be resolved.
  • Send Form to Google – Go to the Webmaster’s Tools and complete a Reconsideration Request with all pertinent information as well as what will be done to correct the identified problem.
  • Furnish Evidence – Provide Google with evidence that any problem areas have been corrected and request that the website be reinstated as soon as possible.
  • Request Feedback – Ask to please be advised if the errors have not been corrected as well as advice as to what will correct the situation.

It is important to learn from any errors and avoid any problematic practices that led to getting banned. If banning has already happened, follow the above recommended methods to remove the penalty and return to a positive ranking status.

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  1. Interesting. I have heard that most SEO practices are fought by Google, how do I know what is okay by their standards?

    • That is actually a misnomer. Google publishes advice and proper SEO guidelines to help site owners and SEO experts to maintain their optimization strategies. Do some more reading on the subject and you’ll see that Google employees are happy to help the legitimate SEO community.

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