Know When to Develop a Website with Tables


Texas_Web_DesignTables are vital components in providing user interface and yet are often not noticed. It is an excellent way to exhibit tabular information for products and services in with corresponding prices. The primary objective is to present information clearly, distinctly, and intelligibly in a way to be easily understand. They can also be used to present different types of data depending on the content. Some websites have various levels of membership sign-ups to take advantage of exclusive offers which can be presented by a Texas web design firm using a tabular format for a more appealing and easily understood process.

Creating a table is not difficult; however, organizing information in an understandable tabular form with an attractive design is challenging. Nonetheless, it is imperative to learn when to develop a website with tables.


Generally, there are two options for the design and layout of content: the use of tables or HTML with CSS. The old method of making a site layout is to use tables to position and define the content. The borders were set to zero to be visible. Originally, tables were used to present certain data. With the advances in technology, designers discovered the importance of improving the layout of every page. Although sometimes complex and difficult to understand, tables can highlight the design and show the outcome in a more eye-catching fashion.

Better Tools

The table-based layouts are still used while the latest combination of XHTML and CSS which is thought by many a Texas web design firm to be the real solution in coding a website to make it visually appealing and satisfactory is largely used. The CSS-based layout in combination with XHTML is undoubtedly the latest and more advanced way to design a website. HTML is use to structure, format and lay out the overall appearance while CSS is used to provide a style of the visual information.

Reasons for Using CSS

It has less poor mark-up compared to table-based designs which causes slow page-loading speed.

Hosting cost is less since CSS has a lower file size. Many hosting companies offer different payment plans with monthly allotted bandwidth; since CSS has a smaller file size which translates into more traffic accommodation, there is no need for higher fees for extra traffic volume.

Visual uniformity can be maintained throughout the website. There is no need to alter the codes or adjust column width and heights individually because style sheets have direct control over the elements used on the website.

Ideal to use for search engine optimization because it has less file size for easy crawling, better capability for spiders to easily distinguish code from content, better structural organization, and no Javascript rollover effects.

Table-based content is boring, plain-looking, and has minimal layout and yet do not have be that way; they can be interesting and still effectively display visual data. Design of the tables should match the content of the website. Of course, it is important to know and learn when to use table design for the best layout display. To make content attractive and organized, know when to develop a website using tables!

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