Know The Right Color For A Call-to-Action Button


call-to-action-colorsOne of the objectives in having a website developed by a Houston web design firm is to attract visitors. It is great when this objective is successfully achieved – but the story doesn’t end here. After a visitor has read the content or viewed the product, something else needs to happen. Regardless of why the website was built, whether it was meant for selling services, gathering contact information, providing services, or selling a product, in order for any of that to be achieved, it is imperative for each page to have a call-to-action button.

 A call-to-action button refers to a clickable section on a web page that is put there to attract the attention of a user and encourage – no, entice that user to go one step further into the website, take one step closer to making a transaction of some sort. It can be anything from adding something to a shopping cart to a download button, trial button, or sign-up button. One of the objectives of web design in Houston in creating such an action button is to compel users to actually do the required action. In order to achieve such a result, one crucial element that should be incorporated into the design is the right color.

 Importance of Color

 Choosing the right color for a call-to-action button is important because different colors are psychologically perceived differently by users. Some convey positive feelings while others may convey the exact opposite. A web designer must be sure that the color of choice is more than just pretty; it should also make a user feel positively about using it. Here are some of the ideal colors for a call-to-action button and the effect on users.

  •  Red – The color red is ideal for a call-to-action button. It easily stands out and is easy for users to spot. This is the reason why red is preferred for hazard lighting as it is easy to spot at a distance because its wave length travels further than the other colors, making it highly visible. Psychologically, red conveys urgency and is often associated with force, passion, courage, and boldness.
  •  Orange – Another ideal color is orange. It conveys a sense of energy and warmth; however, unlike red, it isn’t aggressive or forceful in appearance. A website effectively using orange is Amazon and its Add to Cart button. Orange is associated with feelings of enthusiasm, endurance, and determination.
  •  Blue – Blue is a primary color making it easily noticeable over other colors. It has used by Facebook as their signature theme. Blue conveys feelings of peace, security, and honesty.
  •  Green – Like blue, green is also a primary color which makes it easy to notice and grab users attention. Like blue, it is also associated with positive emotions. Green is dominant in nature and therefore easily conveys a positive feeling of calm and optimism.

 A call-to-action button is an important Houston web design feature; much of its effectiveness is determined by using the right color both from a design aspect and as a subconscious emotional influence on users. So always include this important feature on most web pages, now with a better understanding of which color may be the right one to use!

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