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The purpose of having a business website is to create sales, so the best web design must be efficient in doing just that. While there are many ways to attract sales, the best web design company must understand what design techniques to use that attract attention and lead to greater conversions. One successful way web designers can achieve this effect is by understanding how the human brain interprets various design elements, then putting that knowledge to practical use.

Brain Science and Web Design

Termed “brain science” by the web design community, today’s designers are paying much more attention to how people interpret and interact with a website, using this information as a powerful tool for creating better sites. Since the brain notices certain colors and elements more easily than others, including these things offers the opportunity to increase website effectiveness.

Color Science

Choosing the right colors is one of the most important parts of effective web design. Colors are easily interpreted sensory information, evoking different emotions. This is significant for web design overall, and especially for use in elements that direct users, such as call-to-action (CTA) buttons and directional navigation.

As the internet has become a more significant venue for sales, certain colors – based on the reactions they create – have also become associated with certain website actions. When deciding on a color to promote action, consider the ways in which main colors are interpreted:

  • Orange – This is a high-reaction color that encourages immediate reactions, such as “buy now” and “sign up today;” a CTA. Also associated with inexpensive items, discounts or money savings.

  • Red – Red is energetic and urgent, and encourages action without creating the anxiety orange does. Red is great for sales, limited offers, and items or events that are nearly sold out.

  • Yellow – Yellow is a lower-stress “attention getter,” prompting action without the sense of urgency as red and orange. A great color for a CTA when other, more pressing links are also included.

  • Green – Green is associated with green lights and “go.” It promotes a relaxed mood and is most easily interpreted by the eyes. It is a popular color for general web design or a less-urgent CTA.

  • Blue – Blue is used more frequently than any other color in the best web design. Blue promotes a feeling of security and trustworthiness, qualities every business hopes to use to gain customers.

Image Science

Images grab the viewer’s attention faster than anything else on a web page. To put that reaction to good use, web designers should use imagery that directs viewers to CTA buttons, or wherever else the viewer is being directed. Images that point to, or look toward, buttons instinctively direct the viewer’s eye in that direction, increasing the likelihood the viewer will click to see what is on the other side of the link.

Word Science

Just like choosing the right colors to encourage action is important, so is using the right words. The best web design companies must carefully consider copy promoting actions. Research indicates that the best CTA is two words long – or as close to two words as possible – so choose those words carefully! Directives that are longer, or do not include the right action words, tend to be less effective in good web design. Greater conversion rates are also reported using first person directives, action words, and words that create a sense of urgency.

An example of effective CTA copy that uses all of these ideas could be: “ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!” Exclamation points aid the feeling of urgency, and capital letters has also been found to be effective.

The best web design company can use different web design techniques to encourage viewer reaction. An important way to achieve this is by using colors, images, and copy terms that will promote a response. The best web design for any website is one that invokes the emotion and desire necessary to prompt user reactions, potentially increasing conversions as a result!

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