Improve Your SEO Efforts With These Unique WordPress Tips


Austin_SEOIncreasing website ranking can be fun and exciting with the right Houston SEO company. There are several ways this can be done; however, if WordPress is used to establish a blog, it can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Follow all of the tips regarding online marketing in order to increase subscribers, expand followers, boost rankings, and have a comprehensive and user-friendly website. WordPress is recognized as the biggest, self-hosted blogging tool and is a well-engineered publishing platform for website operations.

To build a strong online presence and attract the notice of web crawlers, use the following tips to transform a website into a successful and effective WordPress platform.

  • Permalink Structure – One way to achieve better performance is to alter the permalink structure. This is done to eliminate old posts and update older content, offering yet another way to increase page ranking. Changing this structure can be done by going to settings > Permalink and choosing “post name.” If this option is not available because the latest WordPress version is not being used, update to the current version.
  • Title Tag – A title tag is a vital element in search engine rankings. This is the title that appears on web browsers and the line that is visible to searchers in the result pages. Titles should be optimized by putting keywords near the beginning of the title so it ranks well and gets the right kind of traffic.
  • Meta Description – Another element to optimize is the meta description; when it contains the keyword, potential readers can be enticed to visit the page. The use of some carefully selected images can bring additional traffic; however, always use accurate alt-attributes with the images. Remember to create an XML sitemap so that the spiders can easily detect when a website is updated.
  • Page Loading – Spiders love crawling pages with rapid loading times. To accelerate speed, try optimizing the template and images to decrease the size as well as installing caching plug-ins to increase the loading rate.
  • Conversion Optimization – It is important that a page should try to get the right traffic and convert that traffic into customers or clients. A website must capture the interest of visitors with good quality content so that visitors will subscribe to or follow the page.
  • Reader Involvement – Another essential element when using WordPress for Houston SEO is to get readers involved by allowing for comments. A relationship can then be built between a company and buyers, making all consumers feel important by encouragement to participate in the decision-making process.
  • Update/Improve Content – As always, content is king. If a website is already popular and has a good ranking, it is essential to update and enhance content with relevant information, rather than creating a whole new page just to maintain ranking.

It sometimes seems strange that Google and other major search engines seem to ignore some websites, while giving importance to others. By following the tips referenced above regarding Houston SEO and WordPress, it is possible to improve a website and be elevated in page rankings. Putting knowledge gained from this article into practice can give a website an advantage over others and improve its SEO performance!

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  1. When allowing for comments on a website should i allow all even if they aren’t favorable? Of course wordpress gives the option to approve whichever ones you want however i feel cheap for not allowing some i don’t like.

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