Important Ways Mobile SEO Can Be Improved


Austin_TX_SEOSince the advent of search engines and Google, change has been constant. Modifications are necessary as technology moves forward and new devices come on the market. The shift from working with office desktops or laptop computers to taking a mobile office with hand held devices has make a huge difference in the way Houston SEO services are handled.

Mobile instruments present yet another challenge to the workforce and a company’s internet presence, being so different in terms of user requirements, search engine behavior, and user activity. In short, designing or improving mobile web pages for SEO requires a much different approach and perspective as all websites must be compatible for both desktop and mobile browsing in the following ways to be responsive to all viewers.

  • Responsive Design – It is essential to deliver a solid browsing experience to an increasing number of on-the-go people. Although this is quite complex, a website must be created to provide an adaptive and responsive experience for visitors on varying screen sizes. A Houston SEO services firm designing a website know that: style sheets and wire framing should be used; external files and styles should be combined; and media queries and flexible images should help speed up a browsing experience, all of which will achieve a responsive design that is compatible with various hand held devices.
  • Mobile Sitemap – Another essential element in mobile browsing is a sitemap. Google actually has a tool that to help build such a map. If XHTML and WML are used, a separate sitemap should be submitted for this and every language that exists on each page. Be sure to also link it to a robot.txt file. By doing this, spiders can crawl and start to index and rank the content.
  • Title Tags/Meta Descriptions – Major search engines utilize both of these elements to highlight web page content; therefore, it is imperative that titles are well-chosen and descriptions are precise, readable, and embody the content on the page. In addition, when writing Title Tags and Meta descriptions, it is a good idea to add mobile to the copy so spiders know that the site has been created for hand held browsing.
  • Standard Coding – Since there are so many different mobile operating systems, a standard HTML coding must be used so that search engines will still look for accurate codes that correspond with the page. The website must be designed based on standard coding to allow for a uniform browsing experience on all devices and varying screen sizes.

The internet continues to evolve as do mobile devices. Both desktop and hand held devices must be properly coded to provide a consistent browsing experience for viewers, regardless of the device used. If a page is not optimized for mobile devices, the outcome could be poor accessibility and navigation, resulting in a disappointing experience for anyone trying to visit the web page to obtain information. The solution may not always involve complete redesign; however, that decision is best left in the hands of experienced and capable Houston SEO services. Remember that good SEO can take an entire website to the next level of competition!

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