Important Ways to Feed Search Engine Spiders!


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It may sound a bit unusual, but most online marketers do not know that it is necessary to feed the internet spiders to index a website for inclusion by an Austin SEO company on the search engine result pages. They also don’t know what kind of food is the best to feed search engine spiders or robots.

There are two essential nutrients required to feed these online creatures. Healthful ingredients are very important to gain easier navigation; update search engines about website changes; and allow spiders to crawl and index an internet location for search engine result pages.

Site maps and hypertext links are some of the essential nutrients for search engine robots. It gives spiders the energy to crawl and fetch information from a website.

Search engine robots are very industrious workers that follows search engine protocol while gathering and discovering information to be added to an index. Googlebot visits thousands of websites every minute just to update searchers about the certain changes.

Hypertext links

It is vital to successful Austin SEO efforts to know that spiders should be able to move freely in an internet location. They cannot navigate a website but have the capacity to index a site through hyperlinks. Robots crawls through online content via the links to a website. The more links, the more crawls and the greater chances of achieving higher page ranking.

Site Map

A site map is simply a content plan for that particular named internet location. A site map is the most essential nutrient necessary to feed starving online spiders! It is a blueprint through which the robots will travel along the links contained in a website. It is very important for a website to provide such a structure and allow net surfers to have access to all pages.

A site map is good both for human and spider consumption. For searchers, it allows for an online search for any information which helps them find and select specific pages found in a website. For web spiders, site maps provide a succulent food to entice them to a website’s content and index it on the search engines.

One important piece of information is that Google recommends submitting a site map to them to provide a layout and increase awareness of a website. A desire to be indexed in the search engine results can be accelerated by creating this simple yet comprehensive tool to provide internet surfers the ability to learn what is available at any particular internet location.

Hypertext links and site maps are two simple Austin SEO tools that if neglected could create a negative impact on a website. Many may consider this common knowledge; however, complete knowledge of the real importance of these terms in “web crawling” could possibly remain a secret to many. Allow search engine robots to have access on all the pages of a website. It is in this way that a site can be indexed to search engine result pages – simply by feeding some hungry spiders!

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    • There is in fact such a thing as too many keywords. It’s called keyword stuffing and I do not recommend it. This includes listing a lot of keywords in one tag. Not only does it hurt your rankings, it also looks bad!

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