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Houston SEO TrendsStreamlining content to optimize a website requires a good strategy and some rethinking. One of the hardest parts of this process is retaining what is important and getting rid of what isn’t. It is necessary for a company to excel over competitors by making sure all website content is interesting, informative and original. Lessons can be learned from a Texas website designer, so read some of the helpful issues and recommendations listed below about what is considered applicable content on most websites.


Although not always the most visited part of a site, it is still important to add this component as a promotional part of any marketing strategy. It should include honest remarks from customers praising a company or its products.

  • Issue – An imbalance of opinions is common since comments are sifted through and only those with the highest amount of praise are posted by a discerning Texas website designer. Sometimes these are fabricated, which could cause users to question the legitimacy of the comments and render this particular component meaningless to most visitors.
  • Recommendation – Feedback and testimony can be powerful. Instead of typical testimonies, a case study can be done about some of the challenges faced by a the business and the solutions employed to resolve any problems. It would also include success stories which may include testimonials from satisfied customers. This way, any facts presented are reinforced with personal testimonies rather than presenting fabricated quotes from the marketing department.

Letter From CEO

Words from the head of the company are undoubtedly very important to the organization, but this particular element does not necessarily have to be published on the website since visitors generally have nothing to gain.

  • Issue – Many website owners insist on including comments from their president, CEO, or owner as words relevant to the business. The words from these high-titled officials are often placed in a prominent position and some may even be on the home page.
  • Recommendation – Of course, comments from a high-ranking company official are important; however, it must be determined how relevant that may be to visitors to the website. Instead of posting it on the home page, it mist be better presented as part of an ‘About’ section as a drop-down choice for those who might be interested. In such a way, services and/or products as well as employees can be promoted.


Visitors find Frequently Asked Questions,or FAQ’s to be the most helpful. It can become a powerful marketing authority, as it can be filled with statements that could lead directly to sales.

  • Issue – Usually this portion has questions customers might ask. The most common pitfall is to pose questions to sell something rather than posing questions customers really would ask.
  • Recommendation – Rethink the purpose of meaningful FAQ’s. Use actual customer questions received from and actual answers provided. Satisfy visitors by answering questions should in such a way as to encourage further reading of the website.

It is important to look all website content and be sure that it effectively communicates information to visitors. Talk to your Texas website designer about how to use content to ensure that visitors stay and explore a website and how to optimize each page to gather such a benefit!

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