I Want A Great Website – What Key Elements Do I Need?


A great website created by experienced web development specialists is your company’s primary means of communicating with current and potential customers. As important as this site is to your business, website development must include a number of key elements so that it performs as it should.

When planning and building your site, website development services strive to include these critical elements that combine to produce a useful, effective website.

Great Aesthetic Design

The look of your website gives a critical first impression to users who are visiting it for the first time. To ensure viewers have a good experience and continue on to explore further, web development must begin with a visually appealing design.

In website development, visual elements are decided first since colors, typefaces, interfaces, and even the handling of whitespace can affect website performance. Once the visual design has been decided, it is then developed into a website that is functional.  

A Clear Message On the Homepage

When viewers get to your homepage, they must be able to quickly find vital information that will help them decide if they are in the right place. Viewers must be able to determine the name of your company, what the company does, and what benefits your company offers them.

If this information is not obvious on the homepage, many viewers will click off and look elsewhere.

A Clear Call to Action

In addition to making sure viewers can identify the purpose of your company and how you can help them, website development services must ensure that your homepage and other pages have a clear CTA or call to action.

Prompts that tell viewers what to do next and where to do it are essential for conversions whether you are selling a product, gathering email addresses, or want to prompt other actions.

Easily Accessible Contact Information

Trust is an important factor in attracting and retaining customers. One of the easiest and most effective ways to gain trust and ensure viewers stay interested in your company and products is with easily locatable contact information.

When planning a layout with web development experts, be sure to have a link to contact information on all pages that is easy to access. Provide your full company name, address, phone and fax numbers, email address, and any other ways the company can be reached for questions or concerns. Including an email contact form is even better.

A Useful About Page

People want to know about your company. They want to feel some kind of connection with you and that your employees understand their problems and needs. As such, website development must include a useful About page that outlines the purpose of your company, how you connect with your customers, and why they should do business with you.

When visitors feel understood and can see that the faces behind a company name are just like theirs, they are more likely to become customers.

Search Engine Optimization and Index Submission

A website that correctly represents your company and works well for your viewers must also be seen as useful. For this reason, website development services must address SEO from the basic stages to ensure the site is well optimized. Additionally, all pages should be submitted to search engine indexes as they are added to facilitate indexing.

While there are many other important details that go into website development and design, these are a few of the key web development elements that will dictate how your site should look and function. Professional website development services can ensure your website includes these and other critical details that will keep it performing well and attractive to users!

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