I Hear About HTTPS – Why Should I Switch My Website To This?


HTTPS is the new standard HTML code protocol now recognized by search engines. It was developed to provide greater security for websites users. It replaces the HTTP protocol that website design companies have used until now when building new sites.

The “S” stands for Secure Socket Layer, which is built-in encryption formatting that makes a web design more secure and is the main reason why companies have migrated their HTTP websites to HTTPS sites. Switching to this new protocol can be an intensive job for web designers; however, it is highly recommended for all sites. If you can understand the main reasons why HTTPS matters, you will see why switching to this is the best option.

1. HTTPS Provides Important Website Security

Having a secure website design is critical for preventing data theft regardless of what type of business you may have. Users who are simply visiting your website are at risk of an attack if it is unsecured. With its built-in encryption features, including HTTPS protocol with your web design safeguards against incoming threats while protecting users against outgoing threats.

This increased measure of protection has become a critical factor in building user trust and website credibility, both of which can affect your sales. The best site to provide security for your customers is an HTTPS site that displays the Google secure symbol in the search bar, allowing users to interact with confidence.   

2. HTTPS Can Improve Website SEO

Because Google developed the HTTPS protocol as a means of making websites more secure, its search algorithms now recognize HTTPS pages over HTTP pages. Simply stated, even if your site was built by web designers using the best optimization methods, you will lose pagerank to competitors who have already made the switch unless it has been switched to the new protocol.

Any gains you have made by developing an effective, optimized website design can be lost if your pages are not of the more secure variety because Google rewards HTTPS sites.

3. AMP Mobile Pages Require HTTPS

One more way that HTTPS web design is essential for good SEO relates to AMP pages, which are becoming a mobile standard. AMP is an important optimization technique that web designers can use to achieve higher pagerank as AMP is becoming more recognized and rewarded by Google ans requires HTTPS.

With its focus on user experience, Google prefers AMP pages because they are simpler, load faster, and help users more easily find what they need while mobile.

Based on these three important facts about the use of HTTPS, switching your website is an essential maintenance task to consider sooner rather than later. Whether you decide to build a new site altogether or need web designers to migrate your current site, HTTPS will ensure you continue to securely serve your customers while remaining competitive in the SERPs.

Making this switch with your web design may be one of the most important decisions you make for keeping both your website and business relevant to Google and your customers!

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