How To Make Search Engines Find Your New Website!


Launching a new website is an exciting venture; however, that excitement can fade if it takes a long time to show up in search engine results. Google’s indexers do take some time to recognize newer sites simply because they are new and have not been able to rank yet. The best web designers in College Station Texas suggest there are a few things that can be done to speed up getting a site indexed and searched more quickly!

Understanding Indexing

Websites do not magically appear in search results when they go live; web designers advise it takes work to be noticed by Google and rise in page ranking in the SERP’s. What is often not realized is that with a new website, it may be days or longer before it can even be found by a search because it has not yet been indexed.

College Station TX web designers know that the reason this happens is because Google’s Googlebot web crawler works on an importance basis – and it simple has not yet gathered that website’s information to send it to the indexers. This process begins with the bot searching known pages and sites first, looking for updated information, and newer sites searched last because their importance has not yet been determined.

Googlebot – Getting Its Attention

Googlebot collects new website information by crawling URL’s and links, among other things. To encourage such behavior on new sites, those who work with web design offer the following suggestions:

  • Quality Inbound Links – It sometimes takes time to gather quality inbound links, so beginning work on this aspect when the website is launched can be very helpful. Googlebot will follow inbound links from ranked websites to new web pages, indexing them sooner than otherwise for a new website.

  • Sitemap – This make it easier for the bots to find important pages on any website, which in turn makes web crawling easier.

  • XML Sitemap – An XML sitemap is a list of URL’s in text format, including all the pages on a website. This list can be submitted to all search engines directly for quicker archiving.

  • Google Maps – Because maps are in the public domain and important enough to be indexed quickly, public web pages that contain Google Maps are indexed first. Adding a map to any website is a great way to get those pages quickly indexed.

  • Submit URL’s to Search Engines – The main search engines, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live/Bing, allow users to submit URL’s directly to them for easier indexing. In Google and Bing, this can be found in Webmaster Tools, under “Submit URL.” In Yahoo, the function is called “Add URL.”

  • Submit Articles to Digg and Reddit – Although this only offers temporary help, submitting articles to these sites can increase the chance of getting indexed faster due to the importance and popularity of these sites. This is a temporary effect while an article is new; if the article becomes popular, the benefits could last longer. This can help while working on other things to get indexed more quickly.

While it is normal for new websites to experience a delay in getting indexed, due to the way Google’s web crawlers and indexers work, this does not mean a website owner cannot speed up the process. Per the advise of the best web designers in College Station Texas, it is possible to decrease the time to get a new site indexed!

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