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Internet users exchange more personal information than ever before. As a result, Internet security and data privacy have become a significant concern for every web design company. Businesses have a responsibility to protect the data they collect by providing a secure website; however, secure web building frequently goes against usable, personalized web design. Considering this, the goal for web designers and builders must be to determine how to best collect and use personal data to provide the most personal experience while continuing to protect the user, all within the same web design.

Which Is More Important – Privacy or Personalization?

Personalization is what happens when websites request personal information about the user to tailor their experience and provide what the user is looking for. Social media websites are the main sites to utilize personal data in order to create a more tailored experience; however, many retail websites use this information as well. By providing more details about themselves, users are able to have a better experience and more easily do what they came to the site to do.

Still, there are always risks when it comes to handing over personal data, even if it is just the user’s shoe size and color preference. The more data collected, the more data that must be kept safe with a secure website. This also means that a web design company needs to find the best ways to obtain personal data so it can be more effectively used to create a better user experience, all without affecting website security.

Web Designers and Developers Working Together

Since certain personal data is required in order for a website to function as necessary and offer the best user experience, it is essential that web design and web development work hand in hand. The questions regarding what type of data must be collected and how; as well as how this data should be used and safeguarded, must be addressed by both departments within a web design company in order to achieve the best results. Based on the type of data and the way the website must look and work, the necessary options for the handling and security of personal data can then be developed.

Make Effective Use of Personal Data

When deciding on what type of data to collect and how to protect it all for website users, web design and web development experts should consider the following:

  • Informed Consent from Users – Ensure that users are aware of why their personal data is being requested and how it will be used on the site to improve their experience;
  • Give Good Value – In exchange for this data, be sure to provide value to the user in the form of a user-friendly, easy to navigate, and highly secure website;
  • Allow Users to Manage their Data – Putting control of personal data in the hands of the user allows the user to feel more safe since they can add and remove information as desired. Designing websites to function based on whatever personal data is provided without a demand for more data in order to continue is best. The user will naturally have a better experience if more data is provided; however, the decision remains in their hands.

For the most safe and efficient use of personal data, a web design company must combine great user function and web design with reliable website security. By understanding how personal data is best used and by giving the user control over what data they decide to share, web design and development can more easily achieve both of these things. Personalization and overall website design can incorporate more efficiently with data security when there is a complete understanding of what types of data may be collected and the ways in which it will be used!

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